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Kilimanjaro Peace Messages

Tess Burrows
Nov 4, 2016

Thank you to all those who have sent these Peace Messages to speak out from Kilimanjaro:

I am wrapping my arms around the Earth enveloping her in a beautiful shining white light sending her healing and protection. JENNIE STROUD“One day mankind will live in balance with the natural world, when that happens there will be harmony, happiness and peace, both physically and spiritually for all.” OLIVER PRITCHARDMy dream is for every man, woman and child, in every nation and country, from every religion and creed, to be united by the World Peace Flame.’ MANSUKH PATEL co-founder of the World Peace Flame initiative‘Peace cannot be delegated but begins with you and me and the choices we make today.’ SAVITRI MACCUISH, co-founder of the World Peace Flame initiativeI have a vision… Where all people are at peace, fed and housed : Every child is loved and educated to develop their talents : Where the heart is more important than the head : And wisdom is revered over riches : In this world justice, equality and fairness rule : Nature is honoured, so the waters flow pure and clear : And the air is fresh and clean : Plants and trees are nurtured : And all animals are respected and treated with kindness : Happiness and laughter prevail : And humans walk hand in hand with angels : Thank you for the love, understanding, wisdom, courage and humility to do my part to spread the light : May all the world ascend : So be it. VISION PRAYER FOR 2012‘Children of the World Unite, We alone can make it right. ‘SUE UDENHappiness and smiling costs nothing, but reward manyI give thanks for todayLove, Happiness, Joy and Peace to all who live on our Mother Earth. MAY & ALEX GUESTPeace Strength and Love. HANNAH & LAURENCEEven the severed branch grows again, and the sunken moon returns. Wise men who ponder this are not troubled in adversity. MIETSBe glad for work that’s difficult. For tasks that challenge you workers find a thousand blessings the idle never knewOf all the things you wear, expression is the most importantYou may have had no part in choosing to live, but you have the right to choose how to liveMy peace prayer is:- peace, peace, perfect peace. May all people hold love and light in their hearts and show kindness to each other and all animals, four-legged, furied ones, winged ones, the bees and other insects.Peace be with you all, wherever you are. FIONAMay the people of the world realize how beautiful it is. PAT NICHOLSONPeace to all children of our troubled world, especially to all pilgrims. SUSIEA human being is someone to be human with. D.A.CLARKELove one another‘The world is but one country and mankind are its citizens’ Bahaullah, founder of the Bahai faith. Peace and blessings to all. PATRICIA FIELDAlways think ‘us’, not just ‘me’. WILL RODGERSSending peace and unconditional love, and asking the energies to be sent to all beings who are suffering and in pain, so they be helped, healed or cured, for the highest good of their higher selves and the highest good of their well-being. HEIDII wish for peace and harmony and understanding between all beings. Let’s work together with good intent to fulfill life for all. Let’s allow the karma to run over the dogma! PAMMay all living beings know happiness, success and prosperity. KELSANG PAWOHelp us to heal our precious Earth. Please continue to send us the tools we need to learn to love our planet, ourselves and each other. KARA GREENFind peace within yourself, for it will then reach out and touch all beings. May all beings know peace, wellness and harmony. TERRY EMBERSONRemember that peace starts within one’s own heart. DOT WOLSTENHOLMEMay all living beings exist in love, kindness and compassion for all time in all places and for each other. with great love and respect with all my heart. DORJEIt is not worth all that war just to win. SIMON HUNTIf we don’t care about this planet, nobody will care about this planet. WESLEY WANTUCHThe word is we have to spread love, joy and optimism out to the world. ANNIEWishing everybody complete happiness. D.STOCKDALETo wish for all children in need to find comfort and love. VICTORIA SIBLEYPeace for my beloved family. CAROLINE YATESI wish that everyone finds spiritual happiness. GEORGE PILLINGI wish that everyone looks out for their neighborPeace on Earth – throughout. LESLEYJoy and love for kindness to little children where-ever. SUSIE DICKSONRespect Mother Earth. RAY LAWRENCEIt’s time we all pulled together for the good of the Earth. Let’s all be friends. PETER MARSHMay mankind find peace and love, and learn to respect and take care of Mother Earth. KATRINA UREMay everyone find inner peace and love others as themselves. WENDY BICKNELLMay all abundance be shared. M.CRINALLShalom to all living beings on Kilimanjaro. KATRINA, LAURA & ANDA KASPARSMay peace reign on Earth in the hearts and minds of all people of all races and ethnic groups. JENNY RADFORDMay everyone find their life’s purpose. DEBORAH KNIGHTMay we celebrate and restore Earth’s diversity. CHRISTINA BOWSPeople! Just be kind to each other. JOANNA LUMLEYOur life on this Earth is so limited, let us leave something beautiful for the people who come after us, as remarkable… then we will adorn the human world even after death. Bless the Earth and the Animals. CAROLINE SCATTERGOODMay all men live in peace and harmony. MARGARETAs a Christian I pray that our brothers and sisters in Tibet will achieve peace and tranquility for themselves and their children. BARBARAMay peace in the world be brought about by people like yourself who spread the word that we may add our prayers. BARBARA HPeace and love to all the people of Tibet. LINDFORD WOMEN’S GROUPTo the people of Tibet especially the children… we wish you peace throughout your lives and send our love to you all, even though we may never meet. SULLINGTON WINDMILLS WIPeace to everybody in this troubled world. S.POULTONWe must love the Earth as we love one another. PATRICIA KELLYPeace to all mankind. RUTH SEVLESMay peace be in you and round you and your children. JOAN YOUNGWe hope everyone enjoys a long and comfortable life. FRIENDS OF THE ELDERLY at REDCOTI am grateful. PAMELA SPININGMay those of us who have so much learn how to share with those who have so little. Peace be with us all. FRANCESMay the peace from within us help the peace between nations. A.HAWKINSPeace and happiness to the world. May the children be nurtured, fed and protected in their innocence. BELINDAMay we work towards giving all children peace and love. May we give them an education and learn to experience respect for all people. JOANPeace to Tibet. Joy to the world. VERONICARespect and love for all people. Nurture for all children. BRENDAFor all children, education and peace. PAMMay all Tibetan children have the chance to have an education. DEIRDREPeace to the whole world. Love and joy to you all… as you teach the children… as you feed and nurture them. JOANPeace happiness and goodwill to everyone and to the children and to the care and nurture of the Earth. Peace be with you all. SALLYLove and goodwill to all nations. May peace reign in every country. ELIZABETH.As the last piece of the puzzle falls into place, love will radiate through all time and space. The world will become a place to enjoy, full of peace and happiness and love for every girl, women, man and boy. ALICIA U-J ,age 12A message for Peace Throughout the World – I wish to be PeaceOnly love can bring peace. DIANA FARREverything is perfect, even imperfection. GILSON CHAPPLEEnergy follows thought – let us raise our vibration to create harmony and joy throughout the world. A blessing on our lives and a blessing on the land. JO DAVIES-EVITTLove is always the answer.May the love, peace, joy and knowing in my system extend to encompass the whole of the Earth and all who dwell here, animal, vegetable and mineral… and so it is. ROSEMARY GRAHAMMake me the channel of your peace… Make love not war… HUNTER GRAHAMLet us all work together with deep compassion, love and understanding to protect Mother Earth, the Universe and our brothers and sisters. ERIC & LAURELIE VOICEA happy world as is todays, folks are kind in all sorts of ways. A smile, a pat on the back or two, would soon bring better things through. For peace always. ALAN COLLINSONIt doesn’t matter how good we think we are at showing each other we care. I hope everyone can learn to show each other just a little bit more and just a little bit better. ANNIEAs in Antarctica, let’s make sure that our footprints do not linger for long, anywhere on Earth. HUGH HORNEBe an inspiration to all retirees. DAVIDRespect Mother Earth! CONNOR BURGESS.Allow African women to run Africa. DAVIDGet corruption out of aid to Africa. TONY C.Keep the Earth clean MIN MARTINKeep up the good work. Spread the word. MRS JONESBy the strength of our common endeavor we can achieve more together than we can alone SHAF HANSRAJI will teach my children and those I teach at school to respect their environment and give them a better understanding of the importance of the natural world. ANGIE LANSLEYLet’s make the world a happier place! MEGAN BHARI from IndiaWe are all one in God’s eyes. May we learn to treat each other as He would do. ANN FRASERKeep smiling. Keep laughing. Be happy! KATE RENNINSONNo fighting and no wars and no arguing please. SIELLHAMay we all experience love and peace in our hearts and hold compassion for the world. ROBERT NOCKTo spread the feeling of love and peace and knowledge for caring and education throughout the world, to keep the glorious Earth for us all to enjoy. BARBARAI want to help this planet and spread love among the people in this world. ANNIE PRITCHARDLet nations speak unto nations. CAROLPeace is sometimes forgotten, everyone should take time to be as peaceful as they can. With peace the mind is relaxed. RADIA SIDDIQUE from BangladeshMay all beings be at peace. May all beings find true peace in their own hearts. KATE COULDWELLMay the light open everybody’s heart to share love and compassion with each other. PETER NOORDERMEER, HollandYou are not alone. Each and everyone can hold a different belief. SAM ROBERTSDeep peace of the running wave to you, Deep peace of the silent star, Deep peace of the flowing air to you, Deep peace of the quiet Earth. May peace, may peace, may peace fill your soul. Let peace, let peace, let peace make you whole. Celtic blessings. SHEILA ROBERTSLook after the children of the world. K.PACKMANMay everyone find happiness. JACKIE CRUTELove one another. MARGARET COXDon’t think modern is best. DAVID HILLI wish that all beings experience just a moment of true love, peace and harmony in their lives. That we find someone to trust, love and smile with. LISA BAILEYI wish for world peace in an eco-friendly world filled with happiness and no suffering or poverty. ANNIE ADAMSPeace on Earth. JILL DUNLEYS’ouvrir sur le monde! (May we open our hearts to the world) JULIE DAUSCREAN from CanadaDo great things. RAYMOND MURYMay all beings find peace. KIRSTYMay love and peace prevail. NICOLA HAGUELove one another as God loves you. JAN PAGEWe are only borrowing this world. Please care for it and all who share it with us. D PULLENPeace on Earth. If only man could live at peace with man. S.TWIGLEYTreat everyone as you would wish to be treated. SHINA WHITMILLSacredness guide us. Sacredness flow through us all. DOREEN COCAWOLL from ScotlandHelp the animals. EVAWishing joy and peace to the whole world. HOLLY DAYBe the world. Wrap the world in your arms and protect it. GERRYSomeone’s out there who could change the world. Why don’t you start… EMILYEveryone deserves a chance at life and happiness. Help provide that. SARAHWell done for all great achievements. Onwards and upwards! HELENYour life is so precious. Make it count! CHRISTINA BYERSEnjoy every minute of time. MILLIE PEACHLove is the answer! CHARLOTTE from DenmarkPeace be with you. LEONIEMay peace prevail in the world. PAULINEAll you need is love! DAVIDBe truly inspiring. BERTLook after everything natural on the Earth… Peace and Love follows… ANNI wish for World Peace. Treat others with the love and respect that you would like to receive. KARENWOW. True inspiration! LIZZY JORDONPEACE MESSAGES FROM BROOKHAM SCHOOL YEAR 2Be eco-friendly to the world Matthew, Age 7• We will listen to each other Oliver, Age 7• I will plant a lot of trees Edward, Age 6• I will pick up rubbish Rebecca , Age 7• I wish for people to be kind and helpful William, Age 7• Dear God, I wish people were not unkind to other people Mimi, Age 7• Save our world by not using cars Eddie, Age 7• I wish everyone will not be grumpy Kit, Age 6• I wish that there were no illnesses Isobel, Age 6• I wish everyone could smile every day Daisy, Age 7• Save our world by recycling Ella, Age 7• I will plant more trees and pick up litter Gigi, Age 7• Let there be no poachers Monty, Age 6• Please don’t kill animals Amelia, Age 7• I will plant a tree to help the environment Jessica, Age 7• Save the polar lands. Walk everywhere Oliver, Age 6• Save our planet Tom, Age 7• Let everyone be happy Sophia, Age 7• We will be a happy family Rory, Age 7• We will make the world plant more trees to stop global warming Charlie, Age 6• Save the polar lands Ben, Age 6• We will be nice to the polar bears and penguin Oscar, Age 7• Don’t chop down trees Alexander, Age 6• Make the world safe. I wish that diabetes can be cured Willow, Age 6• I wish that brothers and sisters would be kinder Guy, Age 6• Let there be no wars Oliver, Age 6• I am going to make the world smile Roddy, Age 7• Make the world smile. Plant more trees Joshy, Age 7• Stop driving cars Kitty, Age 7• Save the polar bears and penguins. Stop global warming Henry, Age 7• Save the Polar lands. We will be nice to penguins and polar bears William, Age 7• Be eco-friendly. Make the world happy Sasha, Age 7• I will look after our world Alex, Age 6• I will recycle when I can Bill, Age 6• I will look after our animals Jago, Age 6• We will be friends Ted, Age 6• I will not drop litter or cut too many trees down to stop global warming and all this foolishness. I will also help other animals if they are stuck in something or if they are hurt. I wish that I would stop fighting with my Mummy and Daddy. Chloe, Age 7• I will not litter. I will be eco-friendly. I promise to smile every day. I will try to make a good difference to the world. I will not cut down too many trees. I will help animals if they are in danger. I will try to change global warming. Schuyler, Age 7

WOODCOTE HOUSE SCHOOL PEACE MESSAGESI would love to help the world in any way I can. MAX DAVID ARMSTRONG age 12I promise that I’ll give money to those who need it. MAXThank you God for the world, the sea, the mountains, the deserts and all the amazing things that are in the world. Save all those children with no school or home. PETER MILLARD age 10Dear Earth, I wish for global peace and happiness and for people to be conscious about the environment. ADAM BURDETT age 10My prayer is for inner peace for my children and their loved ones. LYNNEHelp your parents do good work. Don’t be mean please. FRED age 8For everyone to be happy. Stop all the fighting. JAMES age 8To stop the war in the world. ALEX age 8I wish people weren’t so cruel to Nature. HENRY P. age 9I promise that I will look after the Earth and treat it nicely with peace and love. JOHNNY STANFORD age 9Give Africa more food. MICHAEL.M.Stop wars across the Universe. JUDE age 9I want to stop global warming.ALEX HUGHS. age 8I want to look after penguins and fish. KILLIAN MCGINLEY. age 9To keep the world very fresh and have Peace and Happiness in the world. HARRISON age 8* My Peace Message is:- My family to be happy. Everyone smiling. DANIEL age 10. FROM TURKEYI promise to try to make world peace. ANGUS LORIMER. age 9To stop all the killing. FINLEY HYDE age 10I want to stop the starving in the world. ANGUS CALDER age 9May there be no war on Earth and peace will always be with the world and humans forever. OLIVER GLIMMERVEEN age 9I will give food to unfortunate people. THEO. age 9Stop polluting the Earth. EWAN. age 9I will try my best to be a pilot. WILLIAM age 7To stop wars and give peace to the world. SEB. age 8To stop wars happening so people do not die. JOSH RIDER age 7I want to raise money to give to people that need good food. BERTIE GRAHAM. age 9I will give food to the world. HENRY W. age 8Stop the wars. NATHANIEL age 9I want to raise money to give to all charities and especially to the one my brother died in. ARCHIE TENNANT age 9I wish I could become a writer creating stories. OLIVER KIDD. age 10That I will help the world by making less pollution and I wish that the animals are not going extinct. I wish that everybody I know will live a healthy clean life. WILLIAM CATMER. age 10Everybody try to stop wars and to find a way to get rid of rubbish so the world is peaceful. TOM age 8I would be in the army and try to save more plants. I would try to save the environment. EDWARD HIGHAM age 9Save people. JOSH HAWKES age 8Hello people from Africa. When I’m bigger I wish to be an explorer and i would check out amazing countries to discover the things and the animals. CARLOS age 9I wish that all the children in the world will be fed. CHARLIE ARCHER age 10I wish for peace. CHARLES age 8Dear Earth, I wish for global warming to stop.JORDON LLOYD-HEAD. age 11I wish for people to stop smoking.CONOR DOUGLAS ALEXANDER STUART age 12I will play more football. BOSCO GUSMAN age 9i wish for have a lot of pandas and seals. I will care about the world. ISY age 12I will ride on my bike more. HENRY age 9To not hurt my brothers Hamish and Rory. ANGUS LORIMERsave the mountains and the world. LUIS FERNANDEZ ORDONES. age 11Stop penguins dying. eg Stop global warming. FELIX FIELD age 11I want to stop people from killing tigers. LAURENCE HARTLEY age 12To save the environment so more animals will live because we are running out of tigers. ELLIOT HATTON age 9Save the animals. OLIVER BLACKWELL. age 7I wish the world would be a better place. FRED age 9Help the polar bears in Arctic. HENRY CARR-SMITH age 11Stop global warming. It harms you. JUDE PARSONS age 9Stop global warming. It harms you. ALVARO INIGUEZ age 10Stop globble worming. THEO age 9I wish for white lions to live in the wild again. HAMISH LORIMER age 12I hope that everyone in the world loves God and God loves everyone, or other people from another religion love their God too. I wish for animals in danger to stay around longer. WILLIAM CATMUR age 10I wish polar bears, penguins and Wales live longer. MAXIMILIAN CAMPBELL PRESTON age 10I’ll adopt a hippo. BEN WAGSTAFF age 13Love and Peace. CUZZO POLO age 11Please keep the South Pole safe and healthy so it wont melt. I promise I will try not to use my Mum’s car to cause global warming. JOHNNY STANFORD age 9I wish for more animals to be free. CONOR MOORE. age 12A wishful world is a world without conflict. JONO GRAY age 12 .Don’t have wars. IGNACIO. age 13Stop globle warming. FREDDY B-J age 11We promise to never kill another living thing. HENRY WALDERN & HENRY PARSONS age 9No more knocking down trees. JAMES age 9I wish for happiness and aston-martins and possibly porches and mostly peace and helpy people with so-cals. ROBERT ARMSTRONGI wish for more polar bears. BERTIE age 8I hope all of you will be happy. CARLOS RAVENTOS. age 12i wish people would make earth an easier life.TOM STUART age 9Hello. NOASO NAY age 13Do your best and forget the rest. HAMISH age 12Make the Earth grow back, without global warming and pollution and war. SIMON age 12Keep the world safe all you amazing heros. More peace, less poverty. TIM & TOM age 12Stop global warming. I’m going to not leave the lights on. EWAN HENDERSON age 10Make there be no wars to make peace, and don’t get rid of or kill Gaius. make there be no global warming. BERTIE PATERSON 12Good luck, keep on going, save the earth,and save the world. Thank you. HARRY HALL age 12I wish a world without guns. ALEX age 9stop racism. WILLIAM DAVIES age 11May everyone be happy. EDWARD JANES age 12I will become prime-minister and ban things that cause global warning. MILO BIDDLE age 12help the polar bears and penguins and stop polluting the Earth. LUCA age 11I will look after my little brother more. ARCHIE age 9For the people that don’t have work. SALUA age 11We want to make the world piecefull. HECTOR & ANGUS CALDER age 7 and 10I hope and I will help the environment be clean. JAMES WALLIS age 11I want to try to stop global warming. EDWARD HIGHAM age 9I wish for no wars. ATRI GNOSH age 10I love the earth to be looked after. BERTIE GRAHAM. age 10Save the three ‘W’s, wildlife, wilderness and the world! HECTOR PARSONS age 11May the six-pointed star shine for ever. CIAN age 10i wish for more polar bears and cuddly penguins. ALEXANDER KNOLBY age 10Solar-powered cars. No more coal. I hope global warming stops. RUPERT JONES. age 11Earth you will be destroyed someday due to the extinguishing of the sun, but have a good time while you can and I wish all the poor people in the world will receive aid. JOE KENELM age 11For my sister to save the world. MERLIN LAWRENCE age 12

ST BARTHOLOMEWS SCHOOL, HASLEMEREThe world is big and wide and beautiful. The year is great. LUKE SNOW age 7 & LILY SNOW age 6Dear Lord, I will promise to try not to fight with my brother. MORGAN SCOTT age 10I will make everyone work together and be really smiley. SAMUEL TOOVEY age 10I’m going to ride my bike or walk to school to decrease pollution. OLI ECCLES age 11I will promise that I will help places and animals that are in trouble and animals that are in danger of being extinct, and do a sponsorship. HELENA JOHN age 11I wish for no wars, so that all the children around the Earth may live in a world full of peace and harmony between countries. And so plants can thrive with nobody disturbing them. I will not fight with my brother so at least there will not be any war between us. ALEXANDRA BIGGINS age 10I will watch over the world and protect it along with all of the animals that live in the world!! ALFIE WAGSTAFF age10May the world be full of tolerance and respect. May faces be full of smiles and joy. I will smile more and develop ways to nurture family relationships through my work with schools. RACHEL WILLIAMSWhen I’m older I will design a car that doesn’t pollute the air so I can save polar bears and penguins and the Arctic and the Antarctic. ALEX KENT age 9Please keep everyone healthy and don’t get lots of animals killed, they didn’t do anything to you, and also make sure that the poor people get more food, all they have is rice, and save endangered animals, do not kill any of them! Give them food and not just grass. MICHAELA age 9I will plant some more plants and recycle, maybe plant a tree, to get rid of carbon dioxide. KAREN SIKAND age 10I am going to help my Mum out more, and not fight with my sister. Make a difference. AMBER CLIFFORD-BROWN 9I will do green things to help the environment. Eg turn off things when I’m not using them. CALLUM HALL age 10I wish for more penguins, polar bears and whales. I will help the world by looking after animals LIBBY CHALCROFT 9I wish that all the animals were not poached and killed and that we can bring back all the indigenous animals. I will walk to school for a week. OLIVER TYRRELL age 10If I see any injured animals I will take them home and look after them. ZACH TERRY age 9If you cycle the world will smile. Love the world. Help the world. Be thankful. If you believe, you will succeed. I will walk to school as much as I can. What will you do? ALEX GIMBLETT age 10I will make the world always wear a smile, by helping the world become more fun (economically). TOM FREEMAN 9I wish for the whole world to join together as one and be happy together. To help I will wear a big smile every day. PHOEBE BARRETT age 10I wish for more penguins and polar bears, and that there is no wars and all the countries work together as a team. I will not drive around as much and try to walk or cycle. HARRY WHITE age 10May all the people and nations of the world find a way to overcome their differences, so that there may be peace across our beautiful planet. I will make a greater effort to recycle and use my car less. SARAH TAYLORI wish for the world to work in harmony, to save our world for generations to come. I’ll not drive for one whole day each fortnight. SAM MALLENDER age 10I will try and plant lots of plants. I wish the whole world will work together to preserve wildlife. JOSH MUNZ age 11To switch off more lights to help polar bears, penguins and whales. I pledge to not leave lights on HANNA FARLEY10That I will do something for charity each year. I will also not fight with my older brother. TOM age 9I hope that everybody will get a good education everyday. I wish for more polar bears and penguins. I will give money to charity. ALISHA age 9Dear Earth, I will try to make the world be healthy, eg the Antarctic can grow. Amen. I pledge to tidy up rubbish even if it’s not mine. OLIVER FOX age 10I will stop arguing with my family and foster carers! I will do as I’m told and listen to them to help prevent this. FAITH RICHARDSON age 11I will try to prevent global warming. I will for one week walk from school. MARCUS CEMES age 10I will treat the world’s environment as I treat myself, to stop the world getting ruined. I will try to plant a plant every month for one and a half years. HALLY THATCHER age 10I wish that hunting would stop in the world and people would stop destroying natural habitats so no animals will become extinct. I will try and sponsor as many endangered animals as I can. HARRY BALL age 10I will help raise money for children who are seriously ill and have been at war. I will help stop hunting for animals so that they don’t become extinct. I would do this by raising money for charity. NATHAN BICKNELL age 9Dear Earth, you were given to us so we can look after you, but if we don’t the environment shall not be nice, so I will look after you and care for you… like I could use electricity. DEE DEE SWANSON age 9To make sure that every child has a home or a place to sleep every day. JOSH WHITLOCK age 11I wish to spread my smile across the Earth like a ribbon, and let everyone have the chance to feel special about themselves. ABIGAIL SIMON age 10I know how lucky I am to have food. I will never waste it. I hope everybody can have food like I do. JESSIE-BLUE BAKER age 10I promise to be more greatful of what I have… by not being ungreatful. JORDAN age 11I will help people do more sports to stop obesity… and I will walk to school more. SCOTT age 11I will help people to understand the effects of global warming. GEORGE REEVE age 11Dear Earth, I promise to keep you tidy and pick up any litter which is on the floor. I will also keep the environment tidy and climb a mountain to make lots of money and the money will be for building schools. CHARLOTTE SHEFORD 9May everyone stop poaching and save more animals. I will try to donate some money to endangered animals. CAMERON HEATHER age 11I wish for everybody to have a good life. I shall try to give more stuff to charity. TOM WELDON age 11I promise to pick up litter and put it in the bin so animals won’t get hurt. TANYA MACKIE age 10May everyone in the world be equal. May everything be looked after. May nothing be treated differently. PETER HIGGS age 11I promise to use the car less to help the Arctic animals! ELLIE DEAN age 10I wish people will stop polluting the Earth and not waste paper, if they do they should recycle what they didn’t use. RHYS age 9I promise to not fight with my family, so that we will all be happier. MAYA SPYSZNYK age 11 (from India, Ukrain and Ireland)I wish that everyone, where-ever they are, would smile even on the baddest of days. I will do this by passing on a smile every day. IZZY PRICE age 11I will raise money for children who don’t have clean water and food, by giving away my old toys or clothes to a charity shop. LOTTIE WINSON age 10I promise to be grateful for what I have! CATHERINE CURTIS age 11I wish that we can stop global warming… I will walk more. CHARLIE WHITTAKER age 11To make a difference I will put rubbish in the bin, even when it isn’t mine, and if I see any on the floor I will put it in a bin. I will also make everyone have a smile on their face!! SUMMER SANDALLS age 10I wish that everyone would work as a team and not get into fights, and with our team-work we could get food and money to everyone so it’s fair. Then everyone could be happy. Something I will do to help our endangered world is run miles all for charity. EMILY HEMMINY age 10I will promise to not back-chat to my mum and I won’t bully my sister or my dad and my brother… and I am going to try to help my sister to do her homework… and I will try to help my brother to not bully.I wish and wish for peace to be everywhere you go forever! SOPHIE LEAKE age 9To run the London Marathon to raise money for cancer and asthma. GEORGE THORN age 10To do something (maybe run a half or quarter marathon) to raise money for the poor so they can trade, and also do it for food so not as much whales are killed. ABBY RIX age 9For the world to turn off more lights at night. NATHANIEL age 10I’ll help people read and write better. I could raise money for new schools and education.To keep all the animals safe, especially ones in danger (or ill pets) and raise money and give it to animal centres like RSPA. KATRINA G. age 10I will help all the children to be fed, and hope for more animals in the world. I am going to help by doing a sponsored event and help raise money. EMILY ESSEN age 10I will try to help the animals of the world by going to them and taking care of them. I will also do charity things to help the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research etc. RUBIN BRAMICH age 9I will be really well behaved and make everyone happy and I will plant a seed every month… And keep peace in this world!!! ARCHIE GEOGHEYAN age 10I will promise to walk to school more often so that there will be a North Pole in the future and more polar bears and seals. WILLIAM TERRY age 9I wish that by 2020 there will be peace in the world, so no wars and no fighting, and I hope there will be a school for everyone in the world. I hope that all the problems will be solved in that year, like global warming, and to make that happen I will use less electricity and so will my family as well. GEORGE MILNES age 10I would like everybody to have a home and something good to eat. No hunger, no cold. We should be happy like this. The whole school can do a whole day to raise money to help people. LOUISE age 11I shall protect nature!! ALICIA GEDDES age 11I wish to see a smile everyday. My pledge for peace is I will plant a tree every month and I will help WWF. WILLIAM FUTCHER age 10I wish for no more wars. Why do people in the army have to sacrifice their lives for us? I am going to give some money to a charity for the army. THOMAS NEAVES age 10I will tidy all away al rubbish possible. I wish for less homeless people. May everyone in the world be happy. Dear World, I promise to care for you as much as possible. JOE NASH age 11I wish people would stop hunting tigers and elephants. And for penguins and snow leopards and polar bear’s ice to stop melting. I could put a banner up to stop people using electricity which melts the ice. Animals need to survive. CHARLIE WALTON-HARROD age 11I wish all the children in the world are educated because it’s important to be able to read and write. I will raise some money to build schools. MEGAN TRENT age 9I want everyone to be happy in the whole world. And I will grow trees. TOSMA KING age 9I wish for no more wars and not to hurt people. Save animals and people. My auntie is adopting a dolphin for me. JASMIN BUSH age 9That everyone can have an education and enough food and water to keep their family safe. I will climb a mountain to raise lots of money for poor children. CAMERON LILLYWHITE age 10I will try to use less of my car, and try to do some charity fund-raising things. I wish for more endangered animals. BRENDA MARGETTS age 11To help the Earth stay healthy, to recycle stuff that needs recycling, and to do a sponsored walk. TYFFANY JONES 10I wish all wars in the world will stop. I will never join the army. TYLER CRATHERN age 10I wish that all the wars in the world will stop. Don’t join the army. CONNOR BURROWS age 10I will donate some money every month so homeless people can have homes. I wish more endangered species will grow in number. SEBASTIAN MIZZI age 10I will make a difference by trying to reduce our carbon footprint and lower greenhouse gases and littering, by sponsoring an endangered animal, planting more trees and raising money for the WWF. CHARLIE REPP age 10I wish that everybody had a roof on top of them and enough to eat, somewhere to sleep and a loving home. I will write to Blue Peter. RUBY WHITTAKER age 9I will pick up all the litter I see. I wish for peace on Earth. I will campaign for peace on Earth to make this happen. LAUREN PERRY age 11I would like the whole world to be kind to each other and all be friends. And I will save the penguins by riding my horse 5 days in a week. MIA HATCHER age 10I will walk to school at least 4 days a week to save polar bears and their cubs. NANCY HANNIGAN age 11I promise to help at least one person everyday this year. I wish that the whole world could become friends and everyone be happy. I wish that we all live life to the fullest and be grateful for what we have. LAYLA SELDON age 10I wish everyone got on and there is no fighting or wars. I promise I will care for the world and walk more. I also wish everyone has enough to eat and I will always smile and be happy. I will do a sponsored something for charity. HARRIET STEDMAN age 10To smile at all the people I see and help at least two people a day. And save hurt animals and bring them to the vet eg hedgehogs, foxes, badgers, cats and dogs. JESSICA MCLAREN age 10To make someone happy when I smile, and I wish everyone could join one big team and try to save and help the environment.; To help younger children to be educated who are not going to school and send some money to charity. MADELINE STUART-SMITH age 10To make money so that people who do not have a home have raised money. THOMAS age 10I promise not to drop litter, and to work as a team with everyone. BILLY SWANSON age 11I will help to stop global warming by recycling more at school or at home. RACHEL DANIELS. Age 10To eat all my food I am given, to be grateful that I have food to eat, to think of those who hardly have anything to eat just a handful of rice. To eat all my food! LEAH age 10I wish for all endangered animals to stay in the world for at least 100,000 years! I will raise money for areas to be left by all humans so the animals can live in peace or however it suits the animals. ROSALIND age 11I promise that I will try to make the world better to live in, not just for people but animals too. I am going to do charity activities for the people. And for the animals make better homes… and put bird and animal food out. MIA DADDY age 10I wish that cruelty to animals stopped and they all had a loving home. I will create an animal home.GEORGIA ROSS 10All that I want to do is put things right to make everyone happy… and that they enjoy what they do. BEN age 9I wish Globle Warming would stop warming the world. I will park and stride to school. STUART age 9I will plant a forest to help the environment. CALLUM HUDSEN age 10I will tidy the road and path we walk on every month. HARRY VIBBONS age 11I will always say I am lucky to have a safe home to rest in. May all have a safe place to live and rest.EMMA ADAMS 10I will always think positively and on the bright side of life. So that the world can be happy, enjoy yourself. GRACE 11I wish that everyone everywhere had enough to eat and drink everyday of their lives. I will not waste any food or drink for a month. LIBBY STOCKDALE age 10I wish for less animals to be killed, like the polar bear is about to die. I pledge to not use the light so often or not use too much TV. DAVID age 9I wish for less animals to be extinked, such as pandas, rhinos and polar bears. I pledge that I will turn the lights off when they are not being used. MADDIE age 9I will make sure everyone in the world will be happy and love each other. To help it I will make sure everyone I know will not fight and to tell the people they know to not fight… and so on. HATTIE HILLMAN age 9I will make sure the whole world will be safe, so homeless children will have a home and be fed. HARRY CHAPLIN 10I pledge to think positives and smile to 10 people every day! Bring peace to the world. COURTNEY GILES age 10I will try and save the South Pole and North Pole from melting. MATTHEW GRUNDY age 9I will help to help save our world and not litter! EMILY DEANE age 10I will help look after the cats at home and I want more animals to live, and children to live a happy life. CARINA age 9I wish for a smile to go round, and to keep the Arctic from melting so animals can have somewhere to sleep. I will turn off electricity when not needed. SCARLETT age 9Everyone in this world listen. If all of us in the whole world could get along with each other, the world would be a better place, the people in Africa would have food and clean water and clothes and houses, if you were kind enough to get along and share with them. I will plant a plant in the garden and make it grow into a beautiful flower. ISABEL MINAR age 9I promise to help the Earth and its people to become more aware of the problems that might happen. I will do something everyone will know about and copy it. JOCELYN AINSLEY age 10I’ll try and do anything I can for the Earth and its people. Peace: Love: Joy: EMMET MORRISSEY age 11BOHUNTI will look after our environment as much as possible. OLLIE HARDWICK age 15That we all live in peace and harmony in a loving and healthy world. And that we are at one with nature. SAMANTHA HARDWICKI wish for world peace. MATT age 12Never keep birds in cages! SARAH WELLS age 15If you have a smile, give it to someone else and ask them to pass it on. SUE & FRED POTTSThe Earth gave us life. We must embrace it. MARLEY BURY age 12Let us have the courage to stand up and speak out against hatred. SHAF HANSRAJI wish that everyone might feel a part of nature and at one with the Earth. NIGEL PURKHARDTHelp all those that can help those that can’t. ANNIKA PURKHARDTI wish all animal cruelty to stop eg. Tests and brutality. TOM BOBERG age 11Bring peace to all the wars going on at this time of the year, all over the world.I wish the world could work together. DANIEL CHENG age 11I wish the world would live in peace and not poverty. SAM JENNER age 11Bears don’t dig on dancing. HOLY BISHOP age 14Concentrate less on possessions and more on community. LORRAINELet each person be. JULIETTETo spread the message of my 3 ‘T’s… Truth, Tribute and Trust. JAMIE HOLLAND age 11To have peace in the world and to be a family. BEN HOLLAND age 8To give everyone a chance in life. WILLIAM SMITH age 11Tolerance. HELENLet’s talk to each other. JO from GermanyI hope that every living soul gets to see the tranquility of the Earth through my eyes. SAMANTHA KENDALL age 24I wish for long-lasting peace. JOSEPHINE JACKSON age 14I wish for happiness throughout the world. CIARA SIMPSON age 15A wish for all people to be more caring and responsible towards what happens to this precious Earth of ours. CHRISTINE SMITHThat everyone will work hard to achieve a bright future. AMY age 16I wish that people would treat each other with respect and not commit crimes against each other. BREAI pray that we learn to cope with the pressures of modern life, so that in turn we can turn and focus on the greatest gift of all – the Earth on which we live. NICHOLAS BURDOCKThat tigers will survive! SEB age 12Think of others before yourself. CAROLINE BURDOCKTo stop war between people and to give animals and people the best life possible, we must be fair and work together. REBECCA EVELEIGH age 11I wish that everywhere in the world could be peaceful and happy… the land and the people. KATIE EVELEIGH age 13We hold the Earth in the palm of our hands. For the sake of all our futures I pray that we realize that. ELIZABETH EVELEIGHEquality for all. ALEX MUNRO-CLARK age 14I hope all of the wars stop. JOSEPH age 11Let’s all try really hard to make the world a better place, with a small step every day. REBECCA HI think that we should no longer use fossil fuels. OLIVER SIMPSON age 11I would like everybody to be treated the same and be loved by someoneThink peace. FRANK WRIGHT age 15

Always follow your intuition. It’s often right! LEILA FARAGEWorld peace for all! Everyone should have the same food etc. KATHERINEThis world does not belong to us. We should keep it clean! EMILY S.Have fun and relax and eat lots of ice-cream! CHARLOTTE & FREYAMinden Nemzetnek. BEKES VILAGOT from HUNGARYPeace be with you. MOLLYI send my wishes for peace to all. MAUREENLove given is never lost. CHRISTINEPeace! ANNEPeace on Earth SHEILAWe need world peace. MURIELLet’s all work together for peace among nations. LYNDAMay God help nations to live together in peace. ROSEMARYPeace comes from God and over us all there is a Greater Being.Peace to all children, especially disturbed ones.God is eternal. Is in everything. Is in all of us. Is one without second.To Hum Kum Rah. All is LoveI promise to keep trying to listen to that stillness within. YANNICKTrust your instincts with love. RACHELMay we all enjoy the wild places. PAULPeace in this world. VICKY & SHIRLEYPeace and love in your hearts. God Bless. VIV COLLIER aged 90Wishing you all that is good in life for your children. To give your effort and love to human beings and not get anything in return is so so noble PHILOMENA WARMINGTON from France/IndiaThank you for accepting my grandson on Mount Kilimanjaro and all the friends he has made throughout the world… Peace to everyone. JANET TAYLORPeace and love… in the hope that my grandchildren will be able to live in harmony with the Earth and the elements. MAJOR -BRITT CARMETTPeace, joy and unity throughout the whole Earth is my wish for the future. We hope that the future is full of love for our grandchildren. DENS DINHANHope for peace is more essential than ever. We can… should… succeed eventually. JENNY HILLLove and Light to the world. IVY COURTPeace and love throughout the world. W.JETENFIELDPlease remember it is our children who inherit the world we leave behind. Keep it peaceful for them. JOAN COOPERMay all people in the world be fed and loved. May everyone find peace and have shelter. JOAN MARDENFollow your instincts and your heart and take care of the animals as well as your fellow human beings. TRUDY HATHAWAY.Follow your heart, treat your fellow human beings as you would wish them to treat you. CATHYMan must learn to make love not war with our planet. PETERGood luck on your journey. LEWISMay we all learn to cooperate and share without greed or violence. VICKYMay we turn our attention to the Earth under our feet and pay it due respect. CHRISYour efforts to achieve peace hopefully will encourage the rest of us to do more. JANETIf only more people can follow your example there may still be hope for the world. PATWe wish hopefully to leave something good for our children’s children. JUDY TURNERShanti, Shanti, Shanti. MIMMI from IndiaPeace Man! DAISYGood luck! WENDYEnjoy. TONYPeace for all. DAVIDWe come from a place of peace, so we shall bring peace. Light and Love. CLAIREMay everybody on Earth have peace everlasting in their hearts and minds. SHEILA NOBLEIf at first you don’t succeed… Keep trying. SHEILA SHERRIFFPeace… enough food and good health for all children. Y. MAYFAIRPlease watch over all the people affected by the earthquake. JOSSIE M.Peace. Harmony to all on Earth. Care for and about each and everyone. DORIS

Sussex Oak-Leaf messages (helping people survive crisis and recover control in their lives)I will make a difference by:- helping each other… loving each otherI will make a difference by staying mindful and walking a path of peace and love, understanding and compassion. My hope is that others will learn from my example. MIKEI promise to make a difference as I believe in what you sayI can make a difference because I care… Change the world. Share our loveI will make a difference to someone everydayI will make a difference by praying for Tibet and freedomI will moan lessI can make a difference by listening, caring and learningI will make a difference by developing honest relationships with peopleI promise to make a difference by trying never to refuse someone who is asking for helpI will make a difference by trying to be a better friend, neighbor, wife and daughter, not passing by on the other side… A choir is only a group of lone voices, it doesn’t matter if you start to sing alone because one voice does make a difference.I promise to make a difference by ensuring I lead a full and active life and smiling as much as possible!I can make a difference by writing to the girls at Odardei in IndiaI pledge to help those less able than me to have and use their voice.I will make a difference by praying for all of usI will make a difference by striving for more equality in all walks of lifeI can make a difference by breathing from my belly! TRACEYI will try my best to always be positive. I hope to give positive energy to all so that it will remove all negative energy.I will make a difference by… listeningI can make a difference by listening, helping and being there for friends and familyI will make a difference… I will smile more at othersHow I will make a difference is by helping people through their illnessesI can make a difference by being more patient and understandingI will make a difference by smiling more and being understandingI promise to make a difference by spreading love to everyone I meet, care about feelings and opinions, and become an angel when I dieI can make a difference by using my knowledge and understandingI promise to make a difference by saving animalsGive the children their innocence back. Stop knife and gun crime. We need world peace. and to save the animals. I promise to adopt another gorilla to be releasedI can make a difference by expressing my anti-war views to local politiciansIf I can smile, I’ve already made a difference.I will make a difference to always help people and treat people kindly in a way I would like to be treated. Each person is precious and needs respect.I can make a difference by taking on new challenges and help others to achieve theirsI will make a difference by making people laugh and smile!I promise to make a difference by showing respect for everyone regardless of race, beliefs, gender or disabilityI will make a difference by making as many people as possible happier for as long as life is.I will make a difference by being more positive and understanding as many people as I canI want to make a difference by remembering to re-cycle and use the car lessI will make a difference… to be myself and not to be too hard on myself in life and promise not to change who I am, and not to trust too easily. All I want is my family to be proud of me no matter what mistakes I do in lifeI will make a difference by being more gracious and valuing others moreI promise to make a difference by not judging and limiting myself and others…I will make a difference through my lifeI will make a difference by continuing the deep journey which is helping others at the heartI can make a difference by being there for friends and familyI will make a difference by doing more for charities than I do nowI will learn to love the planet moreHere is my heartI will make a difference by being more positive in the future about the challenges that life throws at meI can make a difference … to look after myself so I can look after the othersI will make a difference by giving more of my time to help benefit others in needI am making a difference by:-“ if at first you don’t succeed, never give up and try again”I promise to make a difference by being a person of peace on life’s journeyI promise to make a difference by walking more instead of taking my car and enjoying each and every day, no matter what is happening around me!I can make a difference by:- Talking to people with mental health problems without judgment, whether I know them or just on facebookI will make a difference by pushing in life and challenging wrongs that are doneI will make a difference by helping people to see that the world will tell you who you are, till you tell it who you really are!I promise to make a difference by spending time with my children discussing the bigger pictureI will make a difference by giving more of my time to helping othersI can make a difference by promising to promote understanding of people’s differencesI will make a difference by harnessing the power of the sunI can make a difference by always treating people as equalsI promise to make a difference by working hard to support children less fortunate than I was!I can make a difference by supporting my children to grow into responsible adultsI will make a difference by sharing. It’s nice to be important, but far more important to be niceTogether we will strive… together we will gain… together we will share peaceI promise to make a difference by being a better Mum!In the words of an addict who has had her children removed by social services “Never give up”I’m going to be more purple… the colour of truth and justiceI will make a difference by reducing my carbon footprintI will love more. I will live moreI promise to make a difference by thinking more of others and less of myself… having a greater visionI will make a difference by being a better listenerI promise to make a difference by taking time to ‘smell the roses’ and embrace all that life throws at meI will make a difference. I will open my eyes to all the good I know is around meI promise to make a difference by making everyone I meet feel that they have a worth and belong… and that we are all part of one huge team working together for the world’s happiness and survivalI am making a difference by helping people to recover and enjoy lifeLittle by little bitsI promise to make a difference by advocating for my disabled daughter and other disabled children in the uk and the world. Also by ensuring I am a good Mum to my other child so therefore helping them become good citizensOut of many we are one people. If we all think this way, the words one day may be… ANDREAS (1 in 4 band)I can make a difference by putting others first and this will be done by ‘paying it forward’I promise to make a difference to uphold family values and morals to future generationsI promise to make a difference by striving to be more Christ-like towards others“And this shall be for a bond between us: that we are of one blood you and I; that we have cried peace to all and claimed fellowship with every living thing; that we hate war and sloth and greed, and love fellowship….and that we shall go singing to the fashioning of a new world.” William Morris. HILARY NORTONTo know impermanence is to hold inner peace … “Om Mani Padme Hum”. AMALA from TibetBoyd Heddouch Ledled Yr Beed (let there be peace across the world). MAGGIE COLES from WalesPeace is sometimes forgotten, everyone should take time to be as peaceful as they can. With peace the mind is relaxed. RADIA SIDDIQUE from BangladeshI hope we all could try to take better care of the environment so the Earth can take care of us for many years to come. STIAN from NorwayLive out your dreams; don’t dream your life away. RUNE from NorwayOne planet; respect it! BEN FOGLEMay we all continue to explore and have adventures in new places; and have the strength to improve women’s health worldwide. ED COATESWaste not. JAMES CRACKNELLTake a minute; be here and now. CHRISTIAN HILLKIRKFor us to live sustainably in our environment. GARY MARSHALLPeople to stop fighting because of religion. GAZYou are amazing. Keep up the good work you awesome hippies. Here’s to ten thousand schools and ten million happy children. RACHELListen to the silence. PHIL HAYDAY-BROWNRespect all living things and the Earth for the benefit of all future generations. HYLTON JAMES from South AfricaI hope that everyone in the world finds a great team to help them live their dreams! MARK POLLOCK from IrelandThere’s no point worrying about the things you can’t change, because you can’t change them. Nor the things that you can change, because you can change them. SIMON from IrelandPeace; Harmony and Respect; this is our home, our Earth; let us treat our lifeline with the love she deserves. ALEXIS GIRRARDTolerance and respect. KEITHAppreciate the luxury you are living in. GEORG from Austria“And this shall be a bond between us; That we are of one blood you and I; That we have cried Peace to all and claimed fellowship with every living thing: That we hate war and sloth and greed, and love fellowship… And that we shall go singing to the fashioning of a new world.” William Morris. HILARY NORTONMy wish is for humans and nature to prosper side by side. DIANA GALBRAITH ,from SingaporeI wish for freedom… in mind, in heart and in soul… to all those in the world! ISABELTAYE from MalaysiaBe Just and Fear Not. PHILIP ASHBY from TanzaniaLove shine a light in every corner of the world… GAIUS from AntarcticaI hope that one day in future the next generation will be able to live on our mother Earth with much more Love, respect and freedom. Rodolpho Ataide from BrazilMay the warm hospitality of our country be experienced by all nations. MARY MUR from the PhilipinesPeace Messages Dunhurst SchoolI wish for the world to stop polluting itself. OLLY age 10I wish that animals should be treated like they should. ROSIE age 9That people would not cut down rainforests so animals can live. MINNA WHITBY age 9I hope my rabbit Corney makes lots of friends and doesn’t try to eat the black cat in our garden. INDIA 9That my second cousin would have a good life with her husband. CRESSIE BURNELL age 10To stop fighting with my sister. IZZY E age 9When I go into a room with a light on I will always try and turn it off. SCARLET TOPLEY age 10May everyone smile. MOLLY age 9I will help to stop a nuclear war. GABRIEL age 9I want everyone to be able to believe what they want to. FLISSY MACKENZIE age 10I wish that all animals could be alive (except dinosaurs) and not slowly going. CLEMMIE CURRT age 11I wish my Mum and Dad and brother and sister and me all find happiness. JACK DRISCOLL age 11I want my grandpa to live happily in heaven. Ps love you Grandpa. NAVEED age 12I wish people would be happier and calmer. ROBYN WHITTAKER age 12Respect, tolerance, kindness and love are the basic rights for everyone. ALAN SUART age 56I wish for everybody in the world to stop the wars and to be nice to each other. And that my auntie gets better so she will be well again. CELIA FRASER age 11I will ride in Olympia with my pony (Olympia is a national horse show) JEMIMA age 10Be Peace-Full. ELLY RODBERT age 10Smile. Be calm! And make peace. ELLY RODBERT age 10Money is problems. And me and my sister will stop fighting. CHARLOTTE age 10I will make a change, where peace is no longer a dream. ALLY TIGER SIANGA MACDONALD. Age 10Dear Earth, I love you. I wish for no wars. I promise to care for the Earth. I wish for more polar bears, penguins and whales. I love the Earth. KITTY KENNEDY age 10I wish the children of the world get cared for. DAISY HANNAM age 10 (nearly 11)Happy Birthday to all. TOM age 11That the war never should have started and that peace is good. GEORGE GARDNER age 12I will care for the world. AMBER age 10I wish we can have more fresh water to drink in places where people don’t have water. OSCARSmile and the world smiles with you. MOLLY BEARDALL age 11I wish for world peace. MICHAEL PATERSON age 10Where ever you are in the world always smile and the world will smile with you. ANASTASIA SHELDON11I hope3 that my Mummy’s book gets published and my Grandma and Grandpa get better from their illnesses. TILLY EXCELL age 11I wish there would be more plants and dolphins and other animals. HALY NICHOLS age 11I will not use electric things. BEN ALLEN age 10That i can see my Mum and my brothers more. EMILIE JUNG age 11I promise not to throw anything away that can be recycled. I care for the Earth. IMAGEN GIBBON age 10I wish there was no war in the world. ELLIE WRAIGHT age 10I wish people would stop cutting down trees and throwing rubbish in the river. I will try not to use the heated seats in the car. HECTOR CLARK age 11May the poor people all around the world be fed and cared for. JULIA age 10I will use the car less and care for the world, less tiger killing, more chillies to eat and most of all more peace (Hello, People of Africa!) JOSH HANLAN age 11If we can love one person, why can we not love the world? To help this I will try to argue less. MAY STANTON-ALAYON age 11I will try to help my friends (and non-friends) be better people. And I love nature and I hope it survives. JOSH MAZAS age 11I wish for world peace and that Tibet will get its independence. BERT WARNER age 11That there is world peace!! I will stop fighting with my brother and sister. BARNEY age 10I wish everyone is kind to people and animals and plants for ever and ever. POLLY age 10May there always be music on Earth. I promise to try to stop global warming. May everyone smile and be happy for always. GABRIELLA GOTTS age 10Peace on Earth. MAX YELLAND age 11For people to stop fighting and killing, from families fighting to killing in war. THEO WALSH age 11I wish for peace throughout the world for it would fill my heart with joy. GEORGE R age 11I wish the people would learn to respect the animals and planet that we rely on. MAX age 12Save the polar bears, pandas, tigers etc. FRANKIE VETCH age 12If there is anything to discover about the Earth we must all discover it not just one person. CAMERONI will help the Earth by picking up trashI would like to help the world be a better place. I will pray for the penguins and trees. MILO BOGAEROLEI wish i could make peace and make the world happy with no guns or bombs. CHLOE FORD-WELMAN age 11I wish for more polar bears and peace! EMMA YOUNG age 12I promise there will not be any fights in my household. LULU age 12I will be nice to my nice teachers so that they are in a good mood. I wish for people to stop driving cars and planes. Age 12I love Hannah Rogerson! May the Earth be peaceful and worth living!! ERIN age 12I wish that the war in Aghan and Iraq ends within the year and the British troops get sent home. ROBBIE age 12Just smile. JONTY age 11I will not be violent or practice violence at school or anywhere elseI love Erin Jones. May the world be worth living in! HANNAH ROGERSON age 11I would like my Mother to get well. BRIDGET NORMAN age 11I want peace. MAX PRICE age 12Stop war and end poverty now. CHRISTOPHER BURY age 12I wish everyone in Haiti could recover. I hope I could stop fighting with my brothers. I hope my brother could be well again. HARRIET KELSEY age 12May all the people in Haiti recover. I wish the world can be more peaceful. I wish to put up with my sister for longer. RHEA PAPETTAS age 11Think before you start anger. RUPERT COOKSON age 12To stop doing wars and think of who you’re hurting. HANNAH age 12I hope that everyone who is being hurt will be better. And poor people will be richer!. DELILAH MONKAGE age 12Think before you start war. LOUIS HOWEL age 12Give this world lots and lots of peace. Let this peace come from everything. World peace is needed. Give the peace to animals, plants and countries to the neighbours. As long as every place has peace. IMOGENWorld peaceI will not break up with my friends. HOLLYWorld PeaceLet peace be money and use it everyday. For peace is the best and everyone knows itTo be friend with everyone, even Emily, and have a very happy life.To best friends unite. FIUMEFor my auntie Duffy and my Grandad Peter who have died of cancer, I hope that God is looking after them both which I know he is. I send my love to all the family and especially themPeaceI wish that everybody was friends. ORLAAlways believe in yourself. Never give up. Keep on going. Give peace to the world. Have a smile on your face. GIOVANNA SCARDULLAJust give love to those people who have not as much as us.Peace is for everyoneMay peace be with you where-ever you goNo warI think peace is a lovely thing. I would like the whole world to have peace. It can give joy and happiness and love which is good. It will make people happy.No more war!! Let there be love and peaceI’ve got a duck and she lays an egg everyday and we’ll sell the chicks for a home and I would like world peace!I will try not to fight with my little brother or sisterPeace makes the world go roundPeace Messages for Kilimanjaro Peace Climb – Royal Alexandra & Albert SchoolThere’s a hero when you look inside your heart. You don’t have to be afraid of what you are. DESTINY BRIGHTI wish that one day I will help a charity in Africa. HARRY DAIVISNo matter what happens the strength of the Earth and the people in it will keep it spinning. I would hope and pray that there is peace worldwide. ISABEL BUSHI wish peace and love to animals and humans. LEWIS COLLINS_MILLER from JamaicaI wish the world could stop war and unite everyone. AISLING COWLARDStop war make peace. KATIE WELLSI wish to stop war and I wish children in the world get god families and education, and I wish it snows this winter. HANNAH AYENFORDI wish that abuse to penguins stops because then there wouldn’t be any risk of them being extinct. JUNIKA GURUNG from NEPAL age 13This is really amazing! SUNITA PACHABHAIYA from NepalI am learning many things ANGA TAMANG from NepalDear God, I wish that you save the Bahai’s in Iran. Oh God, guide me, protect me, illumine the lamp of my heart. And make me a brilliant star. Thou art the Mighty and powerful. MONA ZAPAR age 15 from IranI wish my family will be healthy and the world will be peace. SHIRLEY from HONGKONG age 15I wish that my Mum and sister get better, because they are both not well. I also wish for world peace.. Make wars stop! AMIE WONG age 15 from MalaysiaI wish for world peace and if it didn’t work at least for violence to stop. JAMEY DEANE age 13I wish that there were no bullies in the world. Age 13 from NEW ZEALANDPeace on Earth. Friendship to all. Age 14 from KenyaI wish my Granddad gets better. Cameron MOORCAST age 14Peace to everyone and everything. MADDIE ADAMS Age 14I promise to turn off lights when I leave the room. MARYSE CLARK age 14Peace makes the world go round, some stick together some fall down, Peace is acceptance not rejection. Peace, Peace out People! NADINE age 14I wish for peace and an end to all wars all over the world. AMBER LEWIS age 14I promise to love the world and never do the people of the world harm. KIERA DUKE age 15I wish that Michael Jackson comes back and makes peace with music. BRUNLOW-LEE NORTH age 15Keep the Rainbow Warrior going! GREENPEACEI wish I had a baby sister. Peace out. I love you. KIKI MCKENNA from JamaicaI promise to help and look after my friends and family. LUCY age 13I wish that terrorists will stop fighting, like Al Qaeda, and then to stop bombing places which are important to them. MANISH GAHA from Nepal age 14Make Peace not war… and terrorists will stop bombing places. PUKAR GURUNG from Nepal age 14We should all be angels! Why can’t we? I wish that we could be nice to Earth!!Dear people who are living in Africa, I wish you could have great life and get back operations. ANIMESH THAPA age 14Stop pollution. LUKE WEST from France age 14I want all the polar bears to be saved! JORDAN age 15I wish you could not die. DANIEL SPENCER age 14I think we should stop pollution. NATHAN CHURCH age 13Turn off your lights when you’re done with them and then you can save electricity. LUKE BARKER age 14Stop pollution OLLIE GLYNNI wish that no one had to go through pain. JORDON DASAWAYHelp the world prevent global warming, the environment is important to everyone. Peace to the Earth. FERGUS WALLING age 14Shoot a smile not a bullet. CHARLIE OWBRIDGEKeep the world the way it is. Keep the natural world the way it is. Advance technology slowly to suite everyone and everything. ROBERT CHEALLife is for other people not just yourself. Live for everyone and everything. I wish I didn’t swear.Hurt no animal. Treasure all life!! NATALIE BALL age 13I wish for life to be long and successful in education and family life and employment. HEATHER MCSORLEYI wish my Mum’s ok during pregnancy and birth. AYESHA QURESHII wish to have the opportunity to say a heartfelt ‘God bless you’. FABIAN MCLAUGHLAN from GermanyMay everyone in the world be treated equally. CHARLOTTE PASSI wish for global peace. JACK DALEWith light comes hope. Never give up OLIVER PHILLIPS from WalesMay all people be blessed into health, happiness and free opportunity to fulfill their aspirations, with a planet we all strive to look after and protect. JENNY JACOBSENI wish that my Mum’s back would heal and that she won’t be in any pain. ANDRE CIDREI wish that I could visit poorer countries in the world and give them happiness and peace. BEN CAMBRIDGEThe world belongs to everyone, so don’t ruin it. BERTIE PRESGRAVE from AustraliaHopefully the South Pole won’t melt any time soon. DANE CUHNOW from Zimbabwe age 14I wish for world peace. Age 13 from ZambiaWorld Peace. WIY YOL age 12 from JapanWorld peace. Stop wars. Stop deaths. Make people happy. Stop crimes. World peace. DANIELLE DECECCO age 12I wish that my sister was not disabled, but I will help make all disabled have a good life. ALEXADER HARRINGTON age 12Life is good . Don’t ruin it. Give to the world. Don’t take from it. Care for the animals. Don’t kill them. KEIR GILBERT-HALLADAY. Age 12I wish for peace of mind for every person on Earth. That we will all have peace, perfect peace, in our lives. SARAH GIBBONS from Ireland. Age 12I wish death was as great as life itself. Get well soon Grandma. OLIVIA SWANN, age 12I pray that all children in need will find peace and joy! And that every child will smile. I want every child to have an opportunity to be happy. YASMIN GLOVER age 12 from GhanaWars should only be on game consoles, not in real life. FREDDIE TREASURE age 12I wish everyone can be happy! SMILE. RECECCA DICKEREveryone to be treated equally. DARNEL GOULDWorld peace and stop hunger. LEWIS HOOLWorld peace for ever! HENRYPeace forever for the world. RYAN MATTHEWI wish everyone was treated equally and everyone has enough to eat. SARAH SOUTHWELLI wish that everybody no matter where they live are treated equally and every child should have and get the best start in life, to live a happy one. ADERE BROWN age 12For peace to everyone and the world. ALICE WOODSTOCKI wish for world peace forever. FRANCESCA BENNETTI promise to sort out the back garden to grow fruit and vegetables. KATHY age 14No wars. Peace. CLARA SMITHNo hunger. SASKIA HORTON age 13May there be no more war ever. “Bread not bombs”. SEAN age 13I wish that all areas such as Antarctica and the rainforests could be preserved for ever and all the animals and plants that live there have a home. HOLLY BACKHURST.I wish that there was world peace. JOSHUA GILESI promise not to litter. ROBIN PLAYARD-WALL age 11I promise I will keep the world clean. SHANE DANIEL age 11Save the penguins, save the ice-caps, save the animals, save the people, save the Pole. ELLISE WARD 12We have to help the planet. Animals like pinguins are very important, save them! Wish world peace. CARLOTA PATERNINA age 12I wish to help a charity when I’m older. KIERAN LEVINSOHN age 11Save the animals. Don’t slaughter them. They don’t deserve it. CONNOR THOMSON age 14I wish for world peace and a ferrai enzo and to be rich and I’ll give it to charity. Age 12To try and help people with cancer by doing bike rides with people sponsoring me and do other sponsored events to combat other illnesses.To stop destroying wildlife and no war so the whole world can get on and to stop littering and to sponsor poor people and to help them by giving them better education and things for them in the future and to help the environment. DJARROW age 13I wish there’s no more warsStop the Afghanistan war!I promise to do the washing up! Age 12I wish for scientists to find cures for all diseasesWorld peace. Turn the lights off. Stop global warming. JACK age 13World peace. Turn the lights off in Las Vegas. Long live Antarctica! Stop global worming! BRADLEY THOMSON age 12I promise to turn lights off when I leave a room. CRYSTAL DURBRIDGEDon’t hurt penguins. Don’t hurt the other animals. ANNABEL COLLISTERDon’t hurt or abuse animals. JADE BOWLESI hope that in the future there is no war, racism, discrimination… only peace. YASMIN TIJANIRIP to all the penguins who died in the world, and be nice to them. No slavery of penguins. They’re cool. ALI GLADWIN age 12Recycle your things to stop global warming. RIO BADIEI wish for a peace between pupils and teachers and an end to teacher’s suffering. MR FORDMANThat the war in Afghanistan would stop! And that everyone and thing is treated the same way. ETHAN RICHMOND age 12That the Lord will take us all to heaven and forgive us for what we have done wrong. BRADLEY GILLS 11Believe. HOLLY MATTHEWS age 12I wish that the ice would stop melting so penguins and polar bears wouldn’t suffer. BETHANY age 12I wish the [polar bears and penguins live. EDEN age 11Africa!! Peace to the penguins. Age 12Believe! ALEXA MARTIN. Age 12 from SpainSmile… all the time CHARLOTTE SAWI age 13I promise I will stop animals becoming extinct. HANNAH GOODENORGHBelieve. FLO SAWIStop greed and stop wars age 12I promise to save energy by switching off my light. LIZZIE age 11Stop animal cruelty. ELLA PAWSON age 12I wish that my cousin wasn’t sick and more that my greatnan won’t die before my 16th birthday. ELLA WRAYStop countries from being selfish. Stop greed. Help and support each other. Age 12I come from England and I wish that there will be world peace. BILL CARTER age 12More peace means no more wars so lets stop fighting and have world peace. age 12I come from the UK! I wish the world would discover a new revolution in human beingness! Age 13World Peace. Age 12 from JamaicaWorld peace. Stop global warming. age 13I wish there are no more wars. LIAM LANE age 12For peace to happen we must learn to walk the Earth together. ZANK RICHMON age 13 from RussiaI wish Nepal would become super rich. Make the world not end at Zion. Age 12 from Nepal.I wish that the penguins got a new place to live and I wish there was peace. Age 12 from NepalDear Earth stop terrorists bombing . PATRICK WHITE age 11I wish my grandpa well. SAM SEYMOUR. From Sri LamkaPeace to my people and world peace. ANDRE BLAGROVE from Pakistan age 11I wish everyone in the world would get along peacefully. I promise to look after the world as best I can. EMILY GAUNT age 12I wish I can do more for the world. SHINCE WARDI wish all the wars would end so the soldiers can have a proper real victory ceremony for every country. LORI JACKSON age 12I wish the world was a more happy place and there was no more war. WENDY LEPPERWar and violence will not stop us becoming the best we can be. Conflict gives you motivation! War gives you hope! BEN HARRISON age 12I wish that the world could stop all fighting and have eternal peace. JAKE ROGERS age 13I wish that there was no war and everyone could live happily and safely without being scared or worried. KIARA KELLY age 12I promise to spread awareness of global warming and all the ice-caps melting. I promise to do my part to bring peace to the world. GEORGE MARTIN age 12It’s better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you’re not. JAMES GARDINER. Age 12I pray that our countries of the world will no longer fight, because we are all equal the way we are. OLLIE PRICE age 12have a good healthy lifeEveryone can be a star. Nobody is perfect but every one is unique. Being unique should not lead to violence, only peace. That is how the world should be. Peace to the world. TOM POWELL age 12Everyone love everyone. Peace on EarthHealthy life!Dear Earth, to me only one thing matters, that is we promise to look after you. Age 13I wish that the wars were over. I wish that people would stop polluting the Earth. I promise to look after the world the best I can. JESSICA ROBINSON. Age 13Be kind, be safe, keep strong, follow the trail, love the sun. We will help you. ELIJAN NASH. Age 12PEACE MESSAGES from WOOLMER HILL SCHOOLI will grow my own food instead of buying packaging. HOLLY BATH age 12I will get my homework in on time every time it’s set. KYLE DOLLERSON age 11I wish all my family the best in their life and I will keep fit. LETITIA age 12Dear Earth, thank you for being m home for all my life. I will try harder to save you and your fabulous resources. Thank you! ABBEY WILLIAMS age 11I wish for the Antarctic and Arctic ice to save the penguins and polar bears. ELBE HOLT age 11World Peace. I will walk where I can and when I can. JAY IZZARD. Age 11I will try and use less energy and help save Earth. CONNOR REDRUP age 11All children should have a good education. It doesn’t matter where they’re from. BARNABY age 12I will not fight with my brother. SAM WOODGER age 12I will walk to school instead of driving. TOBY BUZZLE age 12I wish that there was no war and the hole wold was in peas. STANLEY MATTHEWMAN. Age 11Peace everywhere. JAMIE WIGGINSI will make a pledge of becoming a palaeontologist. HOLLY WHINNEY age 12I will stop fighting with my brother. DREW LANE age 11I come in peace. I will be more confident. OWEN BROWN age 11I will be more confident sometimes. ALICE CLIFFORD age 11I can be more confident and try not to fight with my brother to have more peace around me. CELIA BENNETT age 12I will help my family with things in our house and understand I need to help out with work around the house. TILLY ASLETT age 11I will talk more and I will smile.I want to see an increase in endangered animals all over the world. GEORGE PATTEN age 11I will try my hardest in school. ANDREW CHALMERS age 12STOP GLOBAL WARMING!! JOE DEMPSEY age 12Almighty Father, bless us your childrenI will always care for my Mum and make sure she becomes better in time. TANISHA SPANNER age 11I will pick up litter that is outside on the floor.. this will help look after animals. SOPHIE HIBBERD age 11To help my Mum get better and make sure that I stay in touch with all my old friends. CHARLOTTE age11I will treat others fairly. RORY KENYON age 13I will help raise money to help stop animal cruelty. EMMA PETHERICK age 13I shall do more for my community, family and the world around me. I will help in the conservation of wolves. GEORGIA BROWN age 12I wish for more pandas and narwhals. MOLLY CARPENTER age 12I wish the children in poverty will get clean water. ALEXANDRA ANSON age13I will walk more instead of going in the car. CHLOE O’SHEA age 13I will appreciate what people do for the Earth. CHELSEA age 12I wish everyone in the world has food and a home. ANASTASIA age 12Smile more. HENRY TILTE age 13I will be more happy. BEN CARTWRIGHT. Age 12I wish no more animals will die out. KETURAH FOSBERRY age 12I wish that cruelty to all animals (including humans) will stop. MATILDA TYSSEN SMITH. Age 12I wish for more pola bears and tigers in the world. EMILY WARD age 12We need to make peace because if not the war will carry on going. OLIVER age 12 from SpainBring peace to the world. GEORGE DAY age 12I will try to be more helpful. JONAH THOMAS. Age 11May my family and friends be filled with happiness. JESSICA WILLIS age 12Save the penguins and ice-caps, and stop global warming. WILLIAM HALL age 12I wish for more tigers, more homes and less homeless people. OLLIE BROWNI wish there would be no people living on streets. I wish for no war. I wish the planet will never blow up. KYLE age 13Not to be late for school. I wish war would stop… and poaching. HADLIE RUDA. Age 11I will help the environment. ELLIS ROOLF age 11I will not move school if someone is bullying me. I will try not to walk out of class when I get frustrated. LAUREN HALL age 11I wish for more animals safe in the world. MONICA DUQUE. Age 12 from PortugalI wish that all people can be happy and find the love they wanted. DANIELA DUQUE age 12 of PortugalI wish that everyone in the world has clean water. ELISE DRINKWATER age 11I will try and be happy more, whatever may happen. CHLOE LANE age 11I wish every family and every child can make their dream come true and they can have food & water. PHOEBE DYER age 11May there be peace between nations and harmony between humans and animals. JONATHON BUTLER age 12A prayer for all the children in the world to have a good education and enough to eat for all time. Amen. SAMANTHA MARSHALL age 12I will recycle and try to walk to places instead of being driven. TOM SHARMAN age 12I wish that all the children in the world are fed and educated to give them a better life. KIRSTY WILLIAMS age 11I wish for more people and countries to have peace and food. ABIGAIL WESTALL age 12I wish for world peace. IMOGEN KENYON. 11I wish all mankind will be happy! HELAYNA WASS age 11I wish for world happiness. LAUREN NAYLOR age 11I want people to fight for their dreams! ABI WALL age 12I want every child in Africa to be fed. HARRY TENENT. Age 11I will do my best to do more things for charity. ALICIA SYKES age 11May all the children of the world have enough clean water to drink and food to eat. THOMAS MCINTOSHI will do my best to help people who aren’t as wealthy as us. ISABEL age 12May all the people in the world be fed! ELLA COCKERILL age 11May there be no more worries and violence in the world. TORI age 11 from JamaicaI promise to be more eco-friendly. CIERAN age 12I promise to turn off a light when I leave a room. HARRY OXLEY age 11I will not fight my brother. CALLUM age 11I will get a car share. KIERA WELLS age 11I will follow my dreams. JOE STEVENS age 11I wish all the people in the world have food and drink whenever they want. FINN age 12 of ColumbiaI will walk home on Fridays and Mondays. COLIN age 11 from AmericaI will try my hardest at most things. HANNAH MILES age 12I wish that hunting, poaching and animal cruelty will stop! CIARA MARTIN age 11I will not litter and I will not go in the car as much. JORDAN HUNT age 12I wish there were no wars and that endangered animals will not be hunted. ALEXANDER age 11No pollution and peace to the worldDear Earth, help the Africans and other parts of us. CHRIS age 12I pray there will be peace… no wars. ROBERT age 11I will listen to my parents and not argue. DOMINIQUE RICHARD KNIGHT age 11Thank you for this Earth that I love. Age 11I wish that our world could be a better place. ANASTASIYA KAPLUN. Age 13 from UkraineI wish for more animals, so that they don’t get extinct. BETHANY WILKS age 12I wish for peace across the world. GRACE CARTER age 13I wish for our generation to stop global warming altogether. MARIANNE SPARKS age 12I wish that the North Pole doesn’t melt. FELIX SMITH age 12I wish that we will find a way to stop pollution. RADLEY age 12I wish there were more ringtail monkeys. RYAN age 12I will recycle everything that can be recycled in my house to save the environment and to stop global warming. SAM NEWTON-MATTHEY age 13Polar bears saved. JAMES age 12Hi. I’ve always wanted to climb a mountain and maybe one day I will. MATTHEW ESHER age 12I will walk more and tell my Mum to drive less. GREG HUGHES age 12I wish for no more hunting of animals. BEN PETHERICK age 11Thank you for this Earth that I loveDear England I love you.I wish for no future wars. AIDAN RODNIGHT age 12To help the Earth, I will tidy up rubbish. CONNOR MILTON age 13May everyone’s dreams come true. MATT PROBERT age 13May peace spread. BEN GEDDE age 12May all the children in the world be safe and loved… and fed and educated. SOPHIA GLYVA age 11I will not watch TV when I get home and instead I will help around the house. SOPHIE age 11I will not fight with my brother any more to help my Mum. KATIE age 11I will not argue with my sister and brother and try to get along better. MADISON age 12 from Australia.I will save some of the rainforest and animals and not argue with my brother. SAM MATTHEWS age 11I wish that more people get the education they need. MAX MADARIAGA age 12I wish for no more wars because they are destroying the Earth. JACOB COLLINS age 11For people to be kind and fair to their surroundings. ZOE ANN MAINWARING age 11I wish for no wars ever! KATARINA POWELL age 12I wish global warming would stop. MAJEJA MIAH age 13I wish my Dad’s leg would stop hurting. JORDAN age 12I will keep up a good friendship and try not to ever argue with my Mummy. May all the children in the world be safe. GEORGIA HARRIS REEVE age 12I wish for no wars on EarthRHIANNA RENTON age 12May the world be at peace, with no more war and hate. LAUREN MANSELL age 13I promise that in the future I will take care of the world and not let it die… and take care of it now. LUCY FOWLER age 13I wish I could help ill people. ANNABEL age 12I wish for more animals in the wild…. to let them be free. .. and to help people. MELISSAI wish I could find a cure for cancer. AMELIA SHEEHAN age 13I will try and help my family through tough stages in our lives. COURTNEY FINCH. Age 13May all starving children in the world be fed and cared for. GEMMA PASCAL. Age 12Let everyone have a warm and safe shelter to live in. ALICE KRETSCHMAN age 13I wish all the wars would stop. STEPHANIE WILKINS age 13I will try to not fight with my family! ELLA SANDERSON. Age 12I wish racism will stop. HARRY L. Age 13I wish the war in Afganistan would stop. HARVEY THOMPSON age 12I promise to take care of you, Earth. JAMES H. Age 12I will be more positiveI wish for no children to starve. HARRY COMBE age 13I wish for no war and in return I shall not start any. DEXTER POPE. Age 12To be no more wars in the world and for all people to be at peace with each other. JACK BICKNELL age13God bless you all. I wish you will stay in survival JAMES age 12I wish there are no homeless people. PHOEBE age 12I wish that no more animals become endangered. FREYA DERLIN age 12I wish the ice would stop melting. HOLLY KNOWLES age 12I wish that there would be no more wars because it is horrible. CHARLOTTE BALL age 12I hope that the world stops giving off lots of carbon footprints and fossil fuels and stops global warming. LUCY HAWKES. Age 12I wish for the whole world to get along in peace, and I wish people to be as fortunate as I am. Hurt and pain are wrong and I wish we could all be happy, as we were intended to be. CHARLOTTE WRIGHT age13I wish there were no more wars so people will all get on and not fight each other all the time. LAUREN DAVIES age 13I wish there were no wars and only Peace!. MOLLY HAMILTON age 12I wish for world peace. ERIKA LORIMER age 13I wish for world peace. ANNIE FELLOWS age 12I wish for world peace and for there to be no more poverty in the world. ABI WHITE age 12I wish for no wars… and peace in the world. SAMMIE KIRBY age 12I wish starvation stops. MARIANNE age 13I hope that all the people in the world is fed! And that there is a cure for cancer. EVIE MILLIGAN. Age 12I will not argue with my family or my friends! May all the families with men in the war stay safe. LUCY JOHNSON age 12May all the children in the world get to eat and get a good education. AMBER HOWTON age 12I won’t fight with my brotherI won’t fight with my sister14-16 yr olds MessagesI will walk to schoolI won’t fight with my brotherI wish for people to consider and care for themselves, others, the environment – the whole world more. ABBI LATHAN age 15The war should end. TASH EAMES age 15I will run the race for life. LIZZIE BURKE age 15World, sort yourself out …. please? Make this place happier for everyone. TOBY age 14May everyone be smiley. ZANDER age 15I will complete the marathon for charity. CRAIG FOXI wish for world peace. MOLLY MARSDEN age 14I wish we stop killing out animals. SHANNON SANDALLS age 14Clean world. MOLLYI will try and make a difference to help stop the ice-caps melting. ROSIT MARSDEN age 14Dear Earth, you are a planet and home and supplier for all our needs, but we don’t always take care of you. I promise to try harder to look after you and be more eco-friendly. ROSIE MUSGRAVE age 14I wish for more polar bears and tigers in the world. CLAIRE JEFFERY age 16I will not argue with my Dad.I won’t argue with my brotherI wish there to be no wars. JAMES DAY age 15I will be positive. OLIVER PETHRICK age15I will be more eager for work and to bring new and better things into my life. RYAN KIMBER age 16To stop fighting and annoying my parents. JASON AYLING age 15I will cause less pandas to be killed. JAK age 14I wish peace and life to the world! For it to last and be looked after. I promise I will do all I can. CHIPPERI hope the world won’t come to an end in 2012. KOBI age 15May there be peace in the worldI hope in the future that Love and Family are the core beliefs that this world is built on. CHRISTIE SIMPSON age 15Together forever! ELLIE NOKE age 16“How can a bird that is born for joy sit in a cage and sing?” (William Blake) I wish for people to be free and happy. JEMIMAI will do my GCSE’s well. KHILE KNOWKS age 15Dear Earth, I love you!!! SAM age 15I wish there was peace in the world. LEO YANCHUK age 11 from UkraineI will not litter. YAN YANCHUK age 13 from UkraineI wish a healthy Earth YORY AUGUE age 13 from PortugalI will keep friendships and not create arguments. ELEANOR MARTIN age 16I will make the most of school. LAUREN SLADE age 15May all the children in the world be fedI’m going to be positive. LEE CORNWELL age 15That no more animals become extinct.I will be extra smiley. CONNIE age 15Feed the world. CHARLIE WOODHAM age 15I wish everyone could be happy. HANNAH age 15I will not argue with my family. I will try to keep my head up and stay positive. CHLOE DOLLERSON age15I will keep positive and stay confident!I will not get in fights. AMERON JEROMSON age 16 from ScotlandI will not fight with my brother. OSH HAWKES age 15Peace = Victory. WILL MARTIN age 15I will donate to Oxfam and buy from charity shops more and eat Fairtrade. TOBY SPYGZUYK age 16We will teach our child to care for the world and the people in it. RACHEL & ISRAEL DE LA CRUZ from MexicoI wish all the children in the world would not suffer anymore; and I wish that everyone would be more positive about things and I wish I was more smiley. PATRYGIA WISLOWATY age 15 from PolandI will smile more. JAKE JONA from Poland age 15I want everyone to be happy and rich.To use my money more economically. IONA WILLIAMS age 14 from ScotlandPlease let my cat live for ever. GEORGE GWYNN age 14To help assist the charity MAP, and help the children hurt in the apartheid in Palestine. JORDAN from South Africa age 16Love to the masses. CAMERON JEROMSON from Scotland age 16I wish for more stars in the sky. BEN E. from Denmark age 16To be more positive. JESSICA ROANIGHT from Russia age 14May all the children have food and water and the elderly and the sick be cared for and given the right treatments to help them live a happy life. SANDRA JAMES from the Caribbean. Age 16Peace. OSCAR KIRKPATRICK age 16Peace = Victory. JOE BURNEY O’BYRNE age 15I hope that everybody could be happy with what they have and be kind to everyone. SEAMUS TOBY 15I wish for world peace. CHARLEY age 15I wish for everyone’s dreams to come true! JESSICA HAWKINS age 15Love yourselfCHRIS CONWAY age 15Take action for a better reaction! BEN STILL age 16May all terror be resolved. ZACK RUSHBY age 16I’ll plant a tree and hug it every day. CAMERON COOK age 15For everyone to reach their dreams. KELLY age 16To stay positive. AMY JACKSON age 16I will strive to achieve in education and general lifeI will plant a treeI will plant a treeI will not fight with my sisterI promise not to lash out. ELLIE age 15The war wil stop in Afghanastan. TOM age 11Save the animals. JAMES age 11I hope that all people that do bad see they are doing wrong and change. And all misfortunate people will not suffer. All wars will end. GEMMA HUNT age 13I wish that there will be no more wars and more animals. HOLLIE MDear Earth… Thank youDear Earth… Be happy!For everyone to be happy. SHARETTE age 11I wish for peace throughout the world. SASHA age 13I wish for no wars. BIRDIE age 13I wish there were no wars and people in Least Economically Developed Countries didn’t live in poverty. JODIE HARTLESS age 13Just look around you, Mankind. Selfishness is destroying what you see, but it is only mankind who can stop it… We ALL need to help. NATHAN DIXON age 13May all the children be fed. May everyone be happy and smiley. HUEDear Earth, I love you. I promise to care for you and plant lots of trees. MILLY CLAXTON age 14More peace and love shared across the world. Happiness to be held onto. Peace and Love, Baby!I wish for no wars. JACK JOHNSON age 13I wish that everyone will be at peace. AMY WEBBER age 13Healing of Aids. JOEL WIGNALL age 14I will tidy up rubbish. May children in Africa have a better life. GEORGE WOOD age 14I will recycle. JAMIE BACON age 13Dear Earth, I love you! HARRY BUTLER age 14I wish for world peace! HARVEY FOX age 13Dear Earth, I pledge to help global warming. CHARLIE GRAY age 14I wish the Earth could unite as one, and for everyone to be treated equally with no discrimination or racism. LUCY MILTON age 13I wish for no wars. EMIL KEENI wish for world peace. Age 13I wish for no wars. BETH MACINNES age 13I wish for no wars GEORGINA ANDERSONI wish for no more wars. KATHERINE WHEELER age 14Everyone be happy! LAUREN DE ST CROIX age 13I wish for no more poverty. AMELIA WOODHAM age 13No more wars . GEORGINA age 14Keep the world safe!!! CHLOE DIDLICK age 13May all be at peace. AIDAN age 14May all the children in the world have a family. JESS WHEELER. Age 13I will plant more trees. MEGAN NAYLOR age 13I’m gonna plant a tree! MIMI STONEHAM age 13Make the world better for the future generations. MEGAN age 13I will tidy away rubbish to help the environment. DANNILots of food and money for all. RYAN age 13I will give lots of money. Age 13Stop wars coz people die. REECE age 13May everyone be smiley. ANDREW age 14May everyone in the world have food and peace. CONOR age 13Feed the hungry. PHILLIP age 13Save all wildlife. WILL age 13Stop the fighting and wars around the world. JAMES ANDREW. Age 12Save Earth. WILL age 13Save the world… WILL BURRELL age 12Dear Earth, I will love you and care for you. OLIVIA MAYNARD WOODGER age 12To make the world a better place by stopping war, global warming, starvation, abuse and to keep our generation healthy. ANNABEL MILLER age 11I wish for all children to have food, water, and shelter. ALICE MAUNDERG age 12I will be more smiley. CHARLIE PITCAIRN age 11I wish to save all endangered animals. KIERA SPEAR age 11I will look after the environment. JOSIE age 12I will look after the planet more. Jo age 12I wish for no more wars and for the remaining wilderness to stay or be restored to natural beauty. EMILYI will not use the car as much as I do now. JODE COTTRELL age 11Stop using cars and walk. JORDANA age 11I wish we could respect animals and their habitats. HEIDE LOCK age 11Please let all the African animals (lions, elephants, giraffs and zebras) be safe and the children there be healthy and happy. SASKIA age 11May any man or woman have the right to an education, food, water and shelter. ANTHONY SPARKS 14II hope the coral reef is saved in less than 50 years. JAY BLAVER age 11I wish all war can be stopped and resolved. AMY ESHER age 15I wish that the world will be more peaceful. CHARLY HILL age 15To keep all my best friends secrets and to look after Georgie, India and Rushby. POLLY FOX age 14Make people happy. LIDIA age 14I love you. CHLOE age 15That everyone could be happy. EMILY age 15I wish to achieve big things in my life… for all the poor to be fed. LILLI HAYWARD age 14I wish for the world to be happy. LUCY age 14To be positive and appreciate all the things you have got in life. KATIEI wish for world peace and no crimes or war. Age 14World Peace. ZAK age 15For my sister to be happy. GEMMA MARSHALL age 15I wish everyone around me to be happy. MEGAN MANGANARO. Age 16I will think and be more positive. LYNDSAY HAMILTON FAIRLEY age 15For all the children in the world to be happy. JEMIMA DAVIS age 16I will not fight with my brotherI will be more positive and I will smile more. ROBERT age 14Don’t fight with brotherLet there be peace and things. FERN NEWTON_MATHEWS age 15To do something more economical. ALICE age 14No more warsNo more fighting OSCAR age 14May there be freedom in the Middle East. ALI HOSHERIN age 14To be more positive in everything I do and to not fight with my sister. MATT HALL age 14Peace. HARRY age 14I wish that everyone can live3 in peace and happiness CHARLOTTE ROWLEY age 16I will be happier! BETHONY BRITTON age 15Smiley. MILLYI will help people with music and try and make their lives better. CHRIS FOWLES age 15I wish for a wand of peace… no war will occur. YASMIN WELLS age 15I wish for world peace. LYDIABe less vegative. SCOTT age 15Feed the world. Make it a better place. JACK HUGHS age 16Feed the world . Make it a better place. AQSHLEY RIA age 15Peace. ADAM age 15SMILE.Feed the world. Make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race. JAMES CARPENTER. Age 16Make everyone happy and spread happiness like a breath exhaled from the Earth. Andy Woods age 16I will try to be less annoying. ALEX age 16Don’t be mean to anyone. SNOWY WAY age 15May everyone be smiley. Dear Earth, I promise to care for you. FRANK & ZAK age 15World Peace.Plant more treesI will recycle more. KIERAN age 15Do good CHARLIE age 14May everyone be smiley and happy. BECKY age 14I will promise to be more happy. MAYAH MILTON age 15I promise not to fight with my brother. LAUREN age 14No PollutionI wish for world peace, to heal the world. ELLIE age 15I wish for peace for everyone to heal the world. NICOLA age 14Be positive. ELLIE BROAREN age 15To get good results in all I do. ALEX GEER age 14May Tottenham win the Premier league. CHARLIE WALLBANK age 15I will recycle more. SENNA SPEAR age 15I will tidy away rubbish. HOLLY ANDREW age 15I will smile more. BECKY MOORE. Age 15I wish for every child to be fed and cared for. MEG SMITH age 15I wish for all animals to be safe.I want no pollutionNO WAR! JACK CLARKE age 14No conflict. EMILY MILLER age 14No more unnecessary death CAM WEBB age 14Try my hardest to succeed in life. GARETH POWELL age 15Not to play the Xboy as much and go outside to do excersise. JAKE JONES age 15I wish everyone can lean on someone. INDIA BERROW age 14I wish that everyone will strive to be eco-friendly. ZACHARY BRITTON age 14Be happy. LEWIS age 14Be happier. JARED ENGLAND age 14Be happier. ARCHIE WOODGER age 14I wish for world peace! Age 14May all people be fed equally and may there be no greed. LIZZY GRUNDY age 15To stop all wars. OLIVER SANGSTER gae 15World peace.More positive attitude in the new year. SCARLETT age 15I will recycle moreTo recycle moreFor World PeaceTo love my familyTo help the environmentTo recycle moreTo be positive towards everything in life. HARRY PETHERICK age 14For all people to be happyFor everyone to be healthy. SOPHIE RALSTON age 14I will try harder to actually make the effort to walk, not drive, and to aware my family of environment problems! CONNIE LAW age 15Bring a new hope and harmony to a troubled world. HEATHER CORNIAK age 16I want to do good. DOM age 15I want to do the best I can. JULIET age 15No more war. TAHRRIDI wish for no povertyI wish that racism would stop and that all human beings were treated equally across the world.I wish that child and animal cruelty will stopI wish for peace across the world and happiness HANNAH BLEACH age 15I wish for peace across the Earth. JOSIE KINGE MOSS age 15I wish for peace across the Earth. MEGAN ASLETT age 14I wish that people in the wars, soldiers, marines etc, on ALL sides come home unhurt. JANE MORRISON age 14To use more public transport. MICHAELA WILKINS age 14I wish the Earth a more more environmentally- friendly place. JESSICA age 15To find a cure for cancer. ALICE TOOREY age 14To stop war. KATRINA RICHARDSON age 14To find cures for deadly illnesses. Eg cancer, aids, HIV. SARAH MAYSON age 15No more pollutionDear Earth, I love you. I promise to care for ou. ED GIBSON age 15If the Earth shall fall we fall with it. So saves God’s green. Just to live with it. KELVIN HUNT age 15May more children be given the opportunity to read and write. Let there not be greed in the world. Help the less fortunate to be happy. DOLLY SANDALLS age 15I wish for peace and less extinction to animals. LISA DILLON_THISELTON age 16May all who have or ever be in this world find true happiness and contentment. ROSIE age 16I hope my Dad will change. KYLE WILSON age 15I wish for everyone to have a chance. AL GREEN age 16Peace and Love, Baby. Peace and Love. SOL LAWES age 15To bring an end to fighting with my brother. ZAK MAVER age 15I’m going to be more organized. DECLAN OSTRIDGE age 15I wish for more tigersI will be a happier person. NICO SPOORKOGEL. Age 16I will achieve! SAM MITCHELL age 15I will be kind and happy MOLLY BROWN age 16EQUALITY. LIBBY BREWSTER age 15To live life to the max. BEN FOSTER age 15May everyone be smiley. KAYLEIGH LANE age 15I wish for more tigers and pandas. SOPHIE RIGBY age 16I won’t leave electrical things on standby and leave lights on all day to stop CO2 emissions. WILLIAM PATTENDERI wish that there will be no more warsTo be more coolI pledge to try my hardest to keep the peace between myself and other pupils. LUKE BASSETT age 14 from USAI will tidy away rubbish. GEORGE TRENT age 12Make everyone equal. GEORGE EDSER. Age 12I wish that wars will stop. JOE TRAVIS age 13I wish there was no crime. ADAM BRYANT age 14To be more respectful for what I have. LONLEN age 13I wish to make sure that my family does not get injured or any illnesses. EMILY age 14May the environment be protected for ever. LOUIS WINGENT age 14I will turn off the lights when I leave the room. LAURA CLIFFORD age 13May there be world peace, equality, environmental awareness, hope and happiness throughout the world. ANNIE13I will plant an apple seed. JOE TALMAN age 13I will plant a tree. ELLIOT FREEMAN age 14Turn off lights at home when I leave the room. MOLLY COLVILLE age 14To not fight with my sister .JACK LARCOMBE age 13To get the army heroes through their battles. ROBYN SCOTT age 11I will plant several trees. CHARLIE BARKER age 14I wish there are no wars. JOSH TWIDDY age 12I will walk home from school. BILLY BOXALL age 14I will walk home from schoolMay all the penguins be safeMay the polar bears be safeMay my hamster rest in peaceI wish to be richI wish that more people would be called BobI will achieve my dream and help the environmentI will donate all my unwanted CDS & clothes to charity. May all children in our world be able to listen to music SOPHIE STOKES age 13I wish for world peace. LIZZY LEWIN age 14I wish for more polar bears. IONE FOX. Age 14I will keep going until I achieve my dream! ALICE WELLS age 14I will help Alice Wells achieve her dream. POPPY MILTON age 13Keep penguins alive. KATHRYN age 13I wish for more polar bears. ALASDDIR. Age 14Good health and happiness to all my family. VICKY P. age 13Everyone to be happy in the world. EVE age 13I wish there was less warsFor any bad things to come goodI wish that children in places like Africa can have a home and a family to help them KLOE BRENNER age 11To take care of my environment. LIAM WALTON age 12Hello my friend.I wish for more polar bears, penguins and whales. I wish for no wars. RUBY PASCOEI wish that the children who starve get fed and clothed properly. MADI PORTER age 12I wish for no wars. DILLON ELRICK age 13I want them to be fed and them to be happy. EDWARD RUSS. Age 12I wish for poor people to have more money. JESS age 13I wish for no more young deaths. BETH age 13I wish poor people have food. OLIVER MILLS age 12I wish for no hateMay everyone respect the beauty of Earth, and try and preserve the stunning sights and sounds of our mother nature. LUKE LICKNELL age 12I wish everyone is educated, housed and at peace. OSCAR SIMPSON age 12I will be more positive. JACK age 13Feed the starving people please. MEGAN WHITE age 13Feed the hungry people please. ABBEY WOODGER age 12I wish everyone had enough food. EMILY ROWLAND age 13May all those who have been scared, feel safe. All those who have shed a tear, be happy. And all those who gave their lives be legends. KRISTINA GRUNDY age 13Dear Earth, May all the children in the world be safe and fed! JOSEPHINE CHALMERS age 13I wish that everyone would be friendly and stop fighting all the time. ALEX age 14I wish for no more wars. EMILY COOPER age 13I wish there was more trees in the world! CALLUM WITHALL age 12I wish that everyone can be kind to each other. HANNAH PRICE age 13Hello Earth. THOMAS age 13May the ice stop melting for the animal’s sake. LEAH FLEMING age 13I wish that people live long healthy lives, and they rest in peace. EMILY TOTH age 13I wish that all living things like animals, insects and plants would not die out and only be seen in zoos. CHARLOTTE 14I hope the war in Iraq and Iran will end soon. JASMINE YARNELL age 13I wish that family and friends will be happy always and that they will not be hut. LAUREN CRAMB age 14 from USAI will be more positive in bad situations. AMY ADAM age 13 from AustraliaDear Earth, I will care for you, look after you and I will make sure no one makes it a bad world. SHAMON BREWSTER age 12I wish for more polar bears, penguins and whales and no more wars.I wish for no more war. GEORGIA HOLLOWAY age 13May no more violence and devastation take place. BILLY THORNE age 14May all the children in the world be fed. PRINA age 13I will be more positive. CHRIS READER age 14I wish for no wars. MILLY CLAXTON age 14I shall plant a banana tree. LUCA WHITEWAY age 13I wish for victory in Afghanastan. HARRY from Denmark age 13I wish for no more wars. BOB age 13I wish that everybody can be fed and be healthy. STOLA ABERNTHY age 13I wish for no wars. May everyone smile. SAM SMITH age 14I wish for global warming to stop. JOEL age 13I wish for no wars. JOSEPH BYHAM age 13Smile. BEA HATCHER age 13Please let all people in the world enjoy little thingsMay all the children of the world be able to drink clean water. Age 13I wish there was no war. DAN age 11I wish there was no war. ANGUS age 12The war will stop and peace will come in Afghanistan. ALEX ALLAN age 12To stop the war in Afghanistan. TOM D. age 11I wish that there are no more wars! KATHERINE WELLEN age 13I wish that global warming will stop!. ABBIE COUNTER age 12I will get good marks in tests. SOPHIE HOUNSHANI wish for no one to starve and everyone in the world will have enough to eat and be protected. RACHEL age 13I wish that people that don’t get an education like us will get one. SAMANTHA PIERCE age 13I wish all the kids in Africa could have food and clean water age 12I wish that more wildlife and amazing places can be protected. ALICE age 12I will help the environment and be more positive. And make enough money to start a feeding program for the charity I help in Africa.I wish that nature will stop being exploited even if it would help us. WILL age 1Hi. I wish for poverty to endMay the Earth Mother smile upon usI will smile moreMe and my brother won’t fightI won’t try to kill my brother. SPENCER age 11Help the Africans get better and live better lives. TY COLE age 12Peace to all and for ever. PIERCE from France age 12I will help my sister help feed African children. HANNAH BROATCH age 12I will tidy away rubbish. CHLOE CHARLTON age 12I want people to be safe , well fed and to smileI wish for world happinessTo be safe in the worldFor everyone to smile. JONATHAN age 12I wish for world peace, that no one would be killed or harmed, no wars or battles. DEEZA HARRIS age 12I won’t fight with my brother and I will not swear and I will be nicer to my MumI will listen more in class and not talk. SOPHIE age 12I wish there will be no more wars. I will not fight with my brother. IZY BONNER age 11To have fun. JORDAN CARRUTHERS age 11I wish for the war to stop! LIBBY BROADLEY age 11I want no morw wars!! MATTHEW WALLBANK age 11I wish there will be no suffering. ZOE MOOREY age 11I will help people to learn things like places without schoolsLet the needy get what they need. GEORGE BARRETT age 11To complete the London Marathon and to help raise money for cancer research and develop ways to cure cancerI will not drop litter and I wish for no more wars. FIONA CLYNSHAW age 11Please help the ice not to melt at the South and North Poles. PAUL age 12More polar bears. ELESTREA age 11I wish that all the wars stop!! KAI FOLKERMake me have a good life with my family and make people die in peace not grief. AMELIA WHITE SMITH age 12When I’m older I will help the world and environment. ELOISE CAGE age 11I will not waste paper by throwing it on the floor and therefore littering and wasting paper from perfectly good trees. THOMAS HASTILOW age 12I will do my homework without wasting paper. CHRIS age 12I will not hit my brother. JOSH age 11I will not hit my sister and not answer back. PETER. Age 11I wish there were more polar bears… and no more wars!! OLIVIA age 11PEACE MESSAGES CRANMER PRIMARYI promise to grow the plants. SALEDA SALI from GhanaI promise to be friendly to others. RAAGAVE age 5 from Shri LankaI promise that when I hear the tap is on, I will go upstairs, then I will turn it off. ANIKA from Shri LankaI promise I’ll keep my family happy. ZOE from NigeriaI promise that I will help people. PIRAKATHES age 7 from IndiaI promise that I will pick up litter in play time. LINA age 6 from AfricaI promise I will pick up all the litter. MYA age 5 from JamaicaI will be a litter elf. OSCAR age 5I promise I will tidy the toys every day. I will promise. DAYDI promise I will pick up the litter. BLYI promise to be happy. GIRONNYIf I see messy fruit I’ll put it in the bin. NEVETHAN age 5I promise to pick up litter. LIAMI will save water. LILIE-MA age 5I promise to turn the light off. EZRA MURPHY age 6I like to grow flowers. Flowers are beautiful MILKYI promise I will keep my family safe. KELSAM age 6I love you. JOSHUA SIMON age 6 from JamaicaI promise to be good. AMBER age 5I promise to pick up litter. JUDE from JamaicaI promise to do swimming lessons. J.D. age 6I promise to not waste water. LIUKA age 6 from LithuaniaI promise to help plants grow and help people be friendly. DANIELLE age 6 from NigeriaI promise to switch lights off. CONNOR age 5 from Scotland*I wish there were no litter or wars but more animals so we can live in a better environment. Let’s take care of our environment. NAWAL KHIYAR age 10 from EritreaI wish that every animal is not in danger and Earth can live in Peace. ISLAM HEIDAR age 10 from EgyptI pledge to make sure that everyone saves Mother Nature from landfill and pollution. YASIN SHEIK ZASSAR BASHIR age 10 from PakistanI wish for every country to be clean and happy. HARIS HAPIZ age 10 from PakistanI will respect the world like I respect my parents, sisters, brother and myself. EDWIN OGBU age 9 from GuyanaI wish that no-one will throw rubbish.. and care for the world. I love the world. NICOLE BRYCE MCDONNELL age 9 from TrinidadI wish that people would stop putting rubbish in the sea and land. MADISON NEWELL age 9 from IrelandI wish that the Earth was a better place. Love your neighbours as much as you love yourself. BEN BARBRIP age 10 from IrelandI pledge to forgive people for the bad things people have done instead of making it worse. JOSEPH CANE age 10I wish all wars will come to an end and Peace will come back home. SHAJITH JEYAKRISHNAN age 10 from Sri LankaI will always put Peace in the world and I will always respect people like my mum, friends and teachers. IAN KARMI AWITY age 10I promise to respect the earth with all my heart and soul. KEVIN NTIM age 9I promise to respect the Earth by planting a tree every month to make the world a better place. NIALL GILROY age 9 from IrelandI wish for all animals not to be killed. JOSHUA FORTUNE age 10I wish that the endangered animals could stop being hunted, especially dolphins. ARIANNE BARNETT age 10 from JamaicaI pledge for people to respect others, love your enemies, and no more wars. ELLA WHITE age 9I wish that I will give positive comments to everyone. SAMANTHA CONNOR age 10I wish all of us were treated the same no matter who you are. KESEANA ROBINSON age 9 from JamaicaI wish all the wars will stop and Peace will come to the world. KAJAN NAVARATHINARAJAH age 10I wish for no more wars and more animals. KASSIDY THAIN age 9I wish all adults and children are safe, happy and healthy. RHIANNA WARD age 9 from the CarribeanI wish to make the world a better place. SHANTE SHARPE age 10 from Jamaica.I pray that everyone in the world will work together to make it a better place. GLACIA ROSS age 10 from JamaicaI wish for every-one to be friends. NUNZIBA AHMED age 10 from BangladeshI wish that all horrible things get out of the world and love and respect come instead. KATIE MCCOY age 9 from ScotlandI will treat the world as I treat myself. EPHRAIM OSANDO KOLOKOTA age 9I want world peace and for everyone to stop placing rubbish on the floor. BEN CUMMINGS age 9I pledge to care for the world and treat others fairly. SHARGAMY SATHEESKUMAS age 9 from Sri LankaI wish to plant trees and save the world with future devices when I grow up. CARL POPE age 9I wish for the world to be a better place so there is no more wars and litter on the floor. ANNICE DOCWRA age 9I wish everyone can eat food. LUXANAN from Sri LankaI will pick up rubbish. SHARNA age 5 from the CarribeanI will play and be kind. BRIANNA age 4 from the CarribeanI promise to look after our school. REECE age 5I will help people. ISABEL age 4 from SlovakiaI will look after animals. JESSICAI will help grown-ups and children. TAMZIN age 5 from MoroccoI promise to help everyone. LOUIE age 4I promise to help animals. LILY age 4I promise to look after pets. KAYLEIGH age 4 from ChinaI want to help the tigers. SHOAIB age 4 from SomaliaI wish to feed all the animals. LIAM age 5 from PolandMay we keep animals safe. ADRIAN age 4 from AlbaniaI will play nicely. STEVIE age 5I wish to help giraffes in Africa. LOUIS age 5I wish for more crocodiles. MASON age 5I will look after the world. EMMA age 4 from VietnamI will be nice to everyone. KAILA age 5 from VietnamI will tidy up litter. RILEY age 4I promise to tidy rubbish. JACK age 4I will feed the dog. DEMAR age 5 from JamaicaI will tidy up outside. EMMANUELLA age 4 from AfricaI will look after animals. ROMEL age 4I will keep clean. SHANUJA age 5 from Sri LankaI promise to put rubbish in the bin. ABI age 4 from Sri LankaI wish to feed the elephants. NAJLAH age 4 from Sri LankaI wish to look after the African animals and don’t kill. CHIDERAH age 5 from the CarribeanI wish for more penguins in the world and that more children can be happy and well fed. JENNY COGGINS age 10I will reduce and recycle everyday of the year to help create happy faces, happy animals and happy living. ORLA O’CARROLL age 11 from IrelandSave water and go with the flow. JULIANA MALORY. Age 11May all the people in the world be happy safe and fed. HEIDI BYRNE age 10Remember to save water for the charity. FELIX age 10I wish that the world joins as a team and stop pollution and recycle more, not spitting, gum on the floor and cigarettes. May all the children be safe and have something to eat. KARERON LLOYD age 11I promise to stop my part of global warming. J.B.age 10I wish that families all over the world will be happy and that places like Tibet will have schools for children to have an education and food and water. Everybody matters. LOUIE LOVEJOY age 10I wish for all children in the world to be fed. BEN MCCABE. Age 11I wish the world was a a safer place for every living person and creature. SIAN GRANT age 11I wish for the world to be more of a team and recycle more. I would like the animals to feel more safe and peace for every living person and creature. KADEESHA JONES age 10I will tidy away rubbish. Reduce, reuse and recycle. MATTHEW age 11I wish that there was no such thing as war and violence because people have to die and it’s not really fair to the soldiers family. REON age 10I wish animals will never be extinct. SASHA age 11I wish for more animals in the Atlantic. BETHANY age 11I wish that there were more polar bears and endangered animals in the world and may the children that have nothing to eat and dirty water to drink can have at least half of what we eat in a day and recover from illness or cancer. SHANIQUA age 10I wish there will be no war. I will care about trees. TALHA age 10I wish that everyone will tidy rubbish away so the Earth stays clean for ever and ever. And I will always tidy rubbish away so the Earth stays clean. JONAN age 10I wish for no wars and that the world would have peace! RAVISHA WALJI age 10I wish for world peace. ZAVIER ARTI age 10May everybody come as one. ONE LJINIGBA age 11I will tidy away rubbish and reuse and recycle paper every week. BLESSING age 11I pledge to do all I can for the environment, reduce my carbon footprint and do what I can to stop global warming! Finally, let all nations come together as one. Ps May there be peace on Earth and goodwill for all. ADAM BELL age 11I wish the world was cool. ADAM age 6 from Northern IrelandI hope that animals are safe and flowers are shiny. I wish there was more sun in England. EMILY age 6 from IndiaI wish that the people keep the world clean. ISABELLE age 5 from BrazilI wish for no rubbish thrown in the water. MOYON age 6I wish there was no rubbish on the floor. KARLOSI wish that people don’t fall ill. NEFERRITI age 6 from NigeriaI promise to throw my rubbish in the bin. ALLESSANDRAI wish that everyone lives happily. GOFIGAA age 6 from Sri LankaI will look after the animals. I wish all the animals are safe. I will keep the world safe and clean. PRIYA age 6 from IndiaI wish that the world is nice and spotless. VLADIMIRA age 5 from BulgariaI wish for peace. JOER from GhanaI wish Nigeria was safe for everybody, so they cannot be dead. JOYCE age 6 from NigeriaI promise to be smiley. LUCILLE age 6I wish that the world is nice and clean, HATAR age 7I wish the planet was clean. I wish no animals will die. ALFIE. Age 5I wish that the people stop dropping things on the floor. NATHAN age 6 from JamaicaI would like the water to be clean. SHAYNAI wish to help the world. JAMES from JamaicaI wish I could feed a tiger. DION age 6I wish there are no more wars. ROMANEE age 5 from Trinidad.I wish I have my own family. VALKY age 6 from Sri LankaI wish the planet was clean. AYAAN age 5 from PakistanI promise I won’t throw rubbish on the floor. KIRA age 6I wish there were no wars. I love the world. JOEL age 7 from NigeriaI promise to never throw rubbish on the floor. HARY age 6I wish people were healthy. GABRIEL from AfricaI wish the world would not be fighting. RYAN age 6 from AlbaniaI want to look after the planet. JATHUSHA age 6 from Sri Lanka.I will look after the plants. KAROL age 5I will tidy up all my toys in my bedroom ELLIE age 4I want everybody to be smiling. GABRIELLE age 4I will keep my room clean. OLIVIA age4 from PortugalI will look after the flowers. AKSAN age 4 from Sri LankaI will smile at everyone! ANDREW age 4I will look after my Mum and Dad. SHAY age 4Don’t drop litter. JATHURSAN age 5 from Sri LankaI won’t melt the ice. KIERA age 5I won’t drop litter. JACK W age 4I will look after my plants. SOFYA age 4 from Sri LankaI will look after my Mummy and Daddy. HOPE age 4Make sure the penguins ice doesn’t melt. TALIYAH. Age 5 from JamaicaI will be kind and friendly! TRISSELLE age 5 from JamaicaI will look after my plant. RAKSHANA age 5 from Sri LankaJadeI wish that people would stop cruelty to animals and stop cutting down trees so that we get fresh oxygen. JEMIMAH AIMEE PANTHIN age 8I will not use a lot of electricity. I want to let the world have no rubbish and litter. JAMEERA SHNAN age8I will plant a tree. SABRINA age 9I’m going to help the environment by not driving and walking to places. I will help sort the rubbish into the bins. JOSEOL PUTTEN age 9I will recycle and not use electricity as I do now. I wish that people would not waste paper and that there was more money for animals. May everyone get treated the same!!. Dear Earth I will try to make the world a better place. I love you. ELLA_LOUISE HAYDE age 8I will recycle paper. ZAC CLARK age 8I will re-use stuff. SHUMANN MUKUTHAN age 8 from Sri LankaI promise I will recycle more often and more items. ANNIE_MARIE HUTCHINS age 9I want to turnoff every light I don’t need. JAMIE IAN EYRES age 9I will recycle rubbish into plastic. And paper and glass. I will cycle to schoolI will help Mummy to sort out rubbish into the recycle bins. JOSH age 8I will not use the car and use my bike instead. SOFIA BACQUINNA age 8I wish everybody can put rubbish in the bins. MOHAMED ALI OSMAN age 9I will recycle more and water plants like flowers. Save the world. NILA RAJKUMAR age 8I will cycle when allowed. MOHAMMED JAWAD ABUBAR SULEIMAN age 9I will take care of the world by recycling what I can and plant 10 trees each month. SHANNON K. MALEPA age 9I will recycle , if I am allowed. JOEL HUMPHREYS age 9A pledge to help the environment. I will help recycling. RIDHA CHUGHTAI RITHA age 7When I see litter I will pick it up and put in the recycling bin. HOLLIE ELEANOR PURTILL age 8I am going to turn off the light when I’m not using it. MONIQUE TAWANDA MARIMBE age 8I am going to turn my light off when I don’t need it. RACHEL OSADOKDKOAT. Age 8I wont use electricity for lights or the washing machine for my clothes. VASUNON THONANSEYAN. Age 8I won’t drive but ‘ll walk and I wont use so much electricity by turning off lights. LUKASZ MARCIN RUCINSKI age 9I won’t drive to the shops because it will pollute. KHURRAM MOHAMED IQBAD age 9I am going to recycle more because then the world will be clean. VINNITHE age 8I will recycle more because people cut down trees to make paper and there will be nowhere for the animals to live. LIAM age 9I will use the car only for distances which I can’t walk. I wish for peace on Earth. JACK KEW age 9I wish that we can ban cars and use bikes and scooters so that we can save the world by not polluting HANNAH age 8I’m going to use my bike. RICK JOHNSON age 8I will use my bike and walk more, for travelling short distances . AATIHAH SIDDOEH age 8AQUATo be happy. JAHEIM age 8 from JamaicaI will plant a tree every month and put rubbish in the bin. NATHAN age 8I will treat animals with respect and feed them everyday. SAVANNAH age 9I promise to not waste electricity and keep the world clean. MEGAN CANE age 8I promise not to be a litter bug. I wish there were no earthquakes in the world. SHANAE LATOUCHE age8I love you and I wish that everyone would love and care for each other and everyone would work together. I will always treat animals with respect. JOSHUAN BLACKWOOD age 8 from JamaicaI promise to turn things off when I’m not using them. NOMAAN age 8 from AfghanistanI promise to try and get pollution away from this school. ELISA age 8I will recycle plastic bags and cans and bottles. I will not waste electricity. JOSH age 8I promise to be kind to everyone. I promise to not say severe words to my brother. KEVIN age 8 from FrancePeace to Earth. JOSEPHY age 8Dear Earth, I promise not to pollute and I will always walk to school. ATHITHAN age 9Dear Earth. I promise to put my litter in the bin. SHAI age 9I promise that I won’t leave England in a mess and give Peace to the Earth. JENS age 9I will try not to fight with my brother. I will always try to respect. SHANUSA age 8I wish the world will stand in Peace! I pray that the children will be fed. Dear Earth, I will not use any lights! NADIYA age 9I’ll tidy all my rooms. I wish that we all have electricity. CHANELLE age 8 from JamaicaI hope that Peace will come to the world & I will try to plant a tree every month. JETHRO 8 from GhanaI promise not to waste paper and to turn off the TV. JUSTIN age 8I promise to put my litter… and turn off things when not using them… like electricity. CAMERON age 8I will never litter on the floor because the animals might get hurt. VAISUKY THONANJEYAN age 8I will respect everywhere I go. I will treat everyone with respect. TAYONNE age 9 from JamaicaTo walk more than use the car and so not pollute. CHARLIE age 8I wish everything that was made from wood, (such as this paper), is only if they plant more than they cut down. KIERAN age 9 from BrazilDear Earth, I promise to plant 2 trees each month. JESSICA age 8Dear wonderful Earth, I promise to recycle every day; to not waste food; and I’ll turn off lights and plugs when not being used. Thank you for our great world. OLIVIA age 9I wish there was no global warming. I promise to re-use things. I will recycle everything I can. ADNAAN HAQUE age 9TOPAZI wish that everyone will get along regardless of religion or race. SIMRAN TUMBER age 10My pledge is to recycle everyday and not to litter on roads and streets. VITHUSHA age 10I will ensure my family will re-use clothes hanges when they buy clothes and put lids on pens after I finish with them. JASON FINCH age 11I pledge I will always recycle and I will never litter in my life and I mean it! SHAYDEN age 10I pledge to not drop litter on the floor. TIMOTH age 10I wish that everybody and every animal has enough clean water and food to survive. TYRA BARAS MCBRIDE age 10I wish that hunters should only poach 3 times a month and they can only poach 3 different animals. SAVANNAH age 11I wish for fewer people to drive cars and to walk everywhere. MARC age 11I pray for less animals to become extinct. LAKESHA age 10I pledge to tidy away rubbish and to re-use paper. GERVAIS age 10I pledge to re-use plastic bottles instead of throwing them out. TYRENCE DALEY age 11I pray for less landfills and more eco-friendly houses and cars. DEJAN IRVING age 11I pray that people will put their wet clothes on a radiator or on a clothes line instead of using a tumble dryer. MATTHEW age 11My eco-pledge is; I will turnoff my lights when I am not in my room. I will save electricity. SERENA RICHARDS age 10My eco-pledge is to use cling-film instead of aluminium foil. IMOGEN PARRIS age 10I wish that all the endangered species could be free. DAVID AFRIFA-MENSAH age 11I wish that all the endangered animals in the world increase in numbers and don’t become endangered. MASON age 10I pray that animals will be safe and not go extinct anymore and that everyone can have clean water and medical supplies. ZHEN age 10I wish people will start driving cars that run with the sunlight not petrol. NIYAZ MIAH. Age 11I pledge to drink tap-water instead of buying bottled spring water. MICHAEL age 11My pledge, which is eco-friendly, is to use less paper to save trees. TUNDE age 10My eco-pledge is to cycle to school 3 times a week instead of driving in the car. SHEREEN CHAMBERS 11I wish for everyone to have clean water and save it by using rainwater to water flowers, turning the tap off while brushing teeth, and by drinking tap-water. KATRINA CARPENTER age 10I pledge to plant a plant in my back garden every summer to help our environment and to symbolize peace in our world. SHERENE JORDAN age 11AMBERPeace for the World. JOEL CARSTEN age 9 from AmericaI wish for more peace in the world. MICHAEL age 9 from GhanaI pray that the poor will be fed and I pray that the wars will be stopped. KEMUEL age 9 from JamaicaI want to help all the tigers in the world. No more killing tiger. HAYDEN age 10 from GuyanaDuring my visit to Scotland I promise to put down a piece of corrugated iron to provide a shelter for adders, an endangered snake. MAHESH age 10 from MauritiusMy wish is treat animals like humans with respect. Make a difference. (“Global warming is causing us penguins to die. Make a change. Please help”). SEAN REYNOLDS age 10 from RussiaI wish for a world that has peace; no fighting or hurting each other. MASOOMA age 9 from PakistanI wish that people would respect each other. JENYIC age 10I wish that people understand everybody and stay calm when there is a problem. MUHAMMAD GOFFAR age 10 from the Memon ethnic groupI wish everybody could be eco-friendly and care for all animals and Earth, and we can be in Peace. MILLA age 10 from MacedoniaI wish for all wars to be stopped and left in the past. ZAKARY age 9Please bring things back to ‘rich’ for all. FRANK age 8I wish to bring Peace to every living thing and respect culture. THANUSLAN age 10I wish people would participate…. And come together. MONTHU age 10 from HollandI wish that everyone could join together as one… we can create a perfect star… AMBER age 9I wish for every child in this universe to be fed. I also wish for no wars, no crime …and every special valued cared-for person to always smile. RAHMA age 10I wish for people to adopt more dolphins and help them to live. TARA age 9 from PakistanMay everyone be smileyI will climb the three biggest hills in Britain. SAM age 10I wish for no wars and everyone respect the animals. SINTHUYAN RAMOSL age 10 from Sri LankaI wish everyone could care for all the animals! MORGAN PARKER age 10I wish that everyone realizes there is no space for war and disagreements. KAIRO age 9I wish there was no wars. I wish there was a world of understanding. I wish everybody has respect fro them. I wish we can all be free like angels. ZIAN age 9 from Guyana.I want to save the dogs whose owners treat them badly. SAKANA age 10 from JamaicaI wish for more penguins and more animals; and smiley faces; and pick up litter in a big black bin; and peace . OB APPIAH age 9 from Africa, now England.I will play my part by planting more trees and looking after all the flowers. LING LING LIBAO age 10 from ChinaMay everyone be smiley. HITHURESHIN age 10 from Sri LankaI am praying that the poor will be rich and the weak will be strong and there will be peace throughout the world. RUSHEVE. Age 10 from Jamaica and America.I wish the world can be loved and treated with respect and care. SHINTHYA RAVITHAS age 9 from Hindu Sri LankaI wish that everyone will be happy for ever and ever like angels. PRATHEESH age 9 from Sri LankaDon’t cut down the trees because you are cutting down the homes of extinct animals. KEISHA BECKYARD BRATHWAITE age 9 from the Carribean.OPAL yr 3I will try to adopt pingwens and polor bears. I will start to plant my carrot tree. I wish there will be no more earthquakes, boms, tonados, and no more shooting people for no reason. I want the world to be a smiley place and no-one will have worries. DJENABA age 8I will put my rubbish in the bin. I will concentrate at lesson time. VANESSA age 7 from GhanaPlease stop killing tigers and put a full-stop to hunters. JACK age 8Put a full-stop to hunters, and please stop killing tigers. Alfie age 7Please recycle not chuck stuff in the sea because you will kill sharks and they will get extincted and that is not good, because if you recycle glass it can be crushed and re-molded so you save the environment. TRISTAN age 7I hope people stop throwing rubbish on the floor and for people o stop fighting. JAMES age 8I promise to not fight with my brother and sister and I hope that the peinguins will always be happy and not fight with each other. KAYHAT AHMAD age 8I wish every country promised that they will not kill whales and penguins. SHATHURSAN age 7I will recycle litter that was thrown away on the ground. THANUJHAN age 8I want to help the environment by picking up litter. ALICE age 8I want the world to be safe. I want animals to live and have a happy life. ABINA KAJENDUSAN age 7I wish everyone to have enough food. IVY age 7I will save the world. I will save plants by watering. I will save the animals. HARITHAA age 8I will raise money for poor people around the world. I will be kind to my sister. JOSHETIA age 7 from Sri LankaI wish all the wars will stop. TREY age 8I wish for more hot food. RAJAN age 8 from IndiaI will recycle paper. MIKEL age 8 from JamaicaI wish people can plant trees to save our environment. JAMES age 7I will always put my rubbish in the bin. I wish there was no more wars in the world. I want to raise money for charity. ASHLEY age 8Want African children to drink clean water, and have home meals. SALEYA age 7I want the people in India to have homes and schools and food. LIAM age 7Dear Earth, I wish the children who don’t have toys, do. STEPHEN age 7Please help the Norf Pole so Santa can live. Please help children have homes and food. DEVON age 7Please help children have homes in Africa and India. Help the world be a better place. LEILA age 8I hope that everyone is peaceful. OMAR age 8I want the world wars to stop. I hope the poor people get more food. SAHI age 8I would like to work as a team to help the environment be a much better place and raise money for children with no schools and we could get lots of smiles. RENAY age 8I want wars to stop. I want trees to grow. JOE age 7I wish hunters would stop killing deer for fun. I hope that Africa can have hot meals and clean water. I pray that people in different countries that get sickness that might kill them will get more care to save them. LIYA age 8TURQUOISEI pledge to:- recycle more things; to stay healthy; to not waste electricity or food; to walk to school; to not lie; to plant a tree. SHANA age 7I pledge:- to clean up on the beach so animals don’t eat the rubbish; to not waste electricity or water when I have a drink or brush my teeth; to snip plastic so animals don’t choke in the sea. ANNIE age 7I promise not to waste food because if we have no food starvation is very bad. I pledge to walk to school or cycle or scooter every day; to donate money to people who have no food. ASHIA ABUBAKAR age 7I pledge to plant a tree; to snip 6-pack rings; to not let go of helium balloons. MELODY age 7I pledge to make the world a better place for us in the world. SERENA age 8 from JamaicaI pledge to ride to school on a bus. LUCIA age 7 from PortugalI pledge to plant a tree; I pledge to feed pets; I pledge to climb a mountain. WILLIAM J age 8I pledge to wish for more whales; I pledge to adopt a tiger. RIKESH age 8 from IndiaI pledge to adopt a turtle in Costa Rica; to have lots of polar bears, whales and penguins. GEORGE age 8I pledge to make the environment clean and to pick up rubbish from the beach. PLAGATHEES age 8 IndiaI pledge to plant trees and flowers to help the environment. JOSIAH age 7I pledge to pick up rubbish on the beach so animals don’t get sick. PAIGE WATSON age 7I pledge to walk to school every day; to go in a team and not waste gas. ANISH age 7I pledge to not let go of balloons, to not use a car and to plant lots of trees. CARL age 8 from GhanaI pledge to adopt a tiger. SEAN age 8I pledge to adopt a dolphin in San Diego. BILLY age 8I pledge to recycle paper to not cut down more and more trees. RICHARD age 8I pledge to plant a flower. AMELIA age 7 from DenmarkI pledge to buy a fruit from the tuck-shop every week to help the charity. SARMAAN ALI age 7I pledge to not let go of balloons so animals don’t get sick and don’t choke. LOUIS age 7I pledge that whenever I see rubbish I will pick it up and put it in the bin. MAYA age 8I pledge to ride a bike to school every day. OWHAE age 8 from JamaicaI pledge to look after my world. MAUREESE age 8I pledge to plant a tree every week and to pick up a plastic bag when I see one. RAVIKA age 7, IndiaMy pledge is to clean the world. LALTH age 8 from HollandI pledge to save electricity and to plant trees. AJMAL ODROO age 8I pledge to adopt a penguin in Costa Rica and to bring my own bags to the shops. VAISHNAVI age 7AMETHYST CLASS yr 2I wish the ice-caps will stop melting. LEAH age 6I wish there was more animals. MUBAMIN age 6I wish to plant a tree every month. JAY age 6I want to stop wasting paper. ETHAN age 7I wish that I will solve the world by stop pooting rubbish on the floor and just pick it up.I wish everybody had friends. EMEAN age 6I promise to stop using spray-cans. MAT age 6I promise to not use to much electricity. JASPER age 6I wish to plant flowers every month. MILE. Age 6I promise that people will stop driving their car more. ELLIE age 7I wish my Parents would stop driving cars. KINA age 6Thank you God for the loving parents you have given me. NIRVANA. Age 6I wish that people in Libya would stop dying of starvation. RHEMA age 6I wish to stop my Dad to drink wine. PRAVEEHRA age 6I wish the ground won’t break. NALISH Age 6I wish the woodcutter will stop cutting down trees. RAEKWON age 6I promise to not throw rubbish on the groundI would like to help the tiger and stop them from dying by stopping the hunter. ANUSAN age 6I promise that people will stop throwing rubbish on the floor instead of putting it in the recycleI promise the spider monkeys don’t get killed. COURTNEY SIMPSON age 7I wish people would stop killing elephoonts. EDDIE age 6I pray that I could help stop cutting down trees so gorillas don’t lose their homes. Age 6I promise to recycle rubbish and stop cutting trees. Age 6I wish people will stop driving their cars more and use a bike or wolk. ELLIE age 7I promise t o put rubbish in the bin. JENARSUN. Age 6I promise that I can stop using spray cans. MIZA. Age 6I promise to re-use plastic bags. BABA age 6White Eagle Peace Day Prayers Sunday 19th September 2010Lighten your soul, forgive to find peace and light.May the peace of the higher realms live always in human hearts.May the rose of peace bloom in the hearts of all.May the Christ light bring love into the hearts of all people towards creating a more peaceful world.Peace, light and love to one and all.May the bird of peace fly far and strong to embrace the world and heal all conflict.My peace prayer is to give love unconditionally to all the children who live in fear. Serenity and bliss divine to all.Shanti Shanti Shanti. Peace in our hearts, peace in our hearts, peace in our hearts.I would like to be at peace with myself – and thereby help bring peace to the world.Peace to all people everywhere and peace on earth.May humankind feel compassion and love for all animals. A brotherhood for all life.Peace flows from heart to heart. We are all ONE.May the light in me see the light in you. Namaste.Peace is coming over me. Peace is coming in.For all frightened animals in the world, more love and hugs. We are all one in love and unity.May the winds bring love, peace and harmony to all the corners of the world. Love and light.My peace prayer is for Jeremy and Kathryn and all the people working for the White Eagle Lodge.For all the frightened children in the world—a big, warm peaceful hug.My peace prayer is for freedom.May love be all there is!May I bring peace to myself and all those around me, my loved ones, my friends, my family, my village, my county, my country, my world and the universe, and not forgetting our earth and all the animals and those who live on it.May understanding negate aggression.May peace come to the hearts of all people on earth.May the light of peace shine from every heart across the world.I send love and hugs to everyone.May the loving intention of the Light withstand all evil. May the Angels of Christ work unobstructed.May there be peace throughout the world.May love and peace surround the world.Dear Heavenly Father, I humbly pray for peace for the trees, birds, animals and the creatures of the sea. Amen.My peace prayer is for all White Eagle Lodges.Peace begins with a smile. May my smile send out peace.May love replace violence and hatred.I pray for the Christ Light to shine brightly in every human heart and for peace and harmony on planet earth. Amen.May God’s Love encircle the hearts of all the nations of the world.Love and peace for all.My thought and your thought we share with countless souls who passed here before. Love and light.I commit to creating a space of unity within my organisation.May there be peace between all women and men.May thoughts of love and compassion guide the decisions of the politicians of our country and of those throughout the worldPeace Prayers White Eagle 2009 Peace DayGive peace, kindness and love to everyone, especially to the sick and vulnerable,and to those who feel lost and angry.

My prayer is for peace in the hearts of my loved ones; especially Paula, and Matthew and his mum Lisa. (Both who are renewing their lives and overcoming their addictions.)

May the Christ Light encircle the world in peace and harmony for ever.

Take time to smell the roses. Take time to see the sunlight on the leaf. Know in your heart that this is love.This is peace.

Divine peace into the hearts minds and souls of all humanity.

I pray that perhaps, in the future, that women would have more say in the whole concept of war—therefore perhaps reducing the misery and hardship it causes.

May all of Gods creations be filled with peace and love. May it be shared and felt within the hearts and souls of us all.May peace be seen and felt in the beautiful flight of the butterfly.

May we realize that we are all one family and to love each other as brothers and sisters.

Breath in peace, breath out love. Until there is no room for fear

I pray that love enfolds the earth and all her creatures, including the slugs and snails, without which we would not have hedgehogs or song thrushes. There is a place on our planet for us all.

Do unto others as you would like done unto you.

May my operation go well and anybody else’s and may joy be round the world.

Oh Peace—that elusive bird that flutters temptingly across the minds and hearts of the masses—flying still—for its wings are clipped by humanities selfish needs and wants. Release that bird caged so cruelly and trapped within so that ALL Gods Children may know and share the beauty of her eternally promised flight!

To people all over the earth—be happy.

May the sweet perfume of the peace rose enter into every heart, every thought, every word.

I pray for the release of all karmas that have kept people in need to be controlling over others, and themselves. By releasing these fears may they rejoin themselves in fearlessness and embrace the peace and divinity that will prevail.

May acceptance and love towards others develop in all hearts at this time of our loving earth.

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Lokaha Samastaha Sukino Bhavantu. May all blessings in all worlds be happy. om.

May the breath of your spirit be our breath, O great White spirit—the breath of peace.

If possible, be kind to each other.Kindness costs nothing and is a gateway to love.Be kind… be kind.

Let no child feel unloved; no elder feel abandoned; none infirm feel unsupported; no creature of earth, air or water be unconsidered. We are each of them and our future lives are built from now we relate to them now.

Pob Bendithion! Beannachd Leibb! All are Holy!

I am the angel of love.

May the seeds of peace be planted in the hearts of all people that it may grow and its power change the world.

Peace is Love in Action, So Love, Love and Love, Everyone of all Life

Open your arms and put peace into everyone’s hearts

I pray my light will never cease and from my heart it sends out PEACE

Dear Heavenly Father, I do humbly pray for peace for the animals and birds and the creatures of the seaand all nature. Thank you Amen, Amen, Amen.

My prayer for peace is that at times of conflict there is a stronger desire for peaceful resolution and understanding.

May joy be in the hearts of all beings.

Let peace descent into the hearts of all humanity and down into mother earth so we call ascend as one in peace and joy.

Have compassion for self and others. Give no home to intolerance.

Be kind to others.

May our plea for peace be heard and the need to win become unimportant. May the pleas for peace be heard and the need to love and be loved become overpowering.

May light shine on the darkest corners of the world and in the darkest places in our inner world.

Peace be with you and within you.

For there to be peace there must be love. For there to be love there must be forgiveness. For there to be forgiveness there must be trust. Hold trust in your hearts.

May deep peace of the quiet earth and of starry heavens live in every heart and in this holy place.

I am the angel of love.

Bless the planets and all the stars in the cosmic universe. Bless all the people and animals on mother earth.

May Peace prevail on earth.

The peace in our hearts reaches out to all life, the wide world over, for all time.

Om Shanti, I am peace

May peace reign in our hearts, our lives, our homes and our country. May that peace multiply and spread to all the earth and its creatures. And all beings everywhere.

May I offer peace to each and every person I came into contact with, and may 100 million others do the same.

Whatever colour, race or creed, create love and peace not war. Open your heart, soul and mind to all goodness to others and animals, This will help to create your own inner Peace. Be Happy

I wish for all beings to have peace in their hearts.

May mankind cease to exploit the animal kingdom, the oceans, forests and nature. May all people grow to value, appreciate and love all of God’s creatures. And may they overcome their fear of us. Amen.

May we come to realize that peace is a conscious choice we make every moment of our lives.I pray that we may have the strength of make that choice.

May the world join as one to bring eternal peace. May there be an end of all animal cruelty and may vegetarianism be amongst all. There should be an end to the whale and cetacean massacre and may this happen with the help of our peace loving friends, so that not only the human race, but also those peace loving animals may live better and more fulfilled and loving lives. The Whales are peace and loving and by slaughtering them brutally, we are destroying peace.Let this peace be restored once again. SAVE THE WHALES.

We all have a voice, unite together for peace!

Let peace fly like a bird and know no boundaries.

We are one. Peace! Love!

My intentions are for all wars to cease and for the world to come together as one. Let there be peace and love!

The heart of peace. The peace of the divine. The divine in us all. Is the all of mine. Light your light. And let you shine.

I am the peace of God. I touch every heart. Breathe and you breathe peace.

Send out the light to the world right from your heart.

May blue butterflies of peace flow through my heart centre to carry peace at all times to every being living on this earth.

Om Shanti—Peace, Peace, Peace

Peace to the world to the people, animals, my friends and family, to mother earth and myself. Thank you.

As we are all children of God, then let us all be brothers and sisters of peace.

An end to conflict all should love not fear each other to save our beautiful planet.

Bright blessings to everyone and everything. We are all made of the same. Lets all recognize that and rejoice

Blessed Be.

That all children may grow up in the light of love, peace and securityMay the cold hands of greed, separation and fear be transformed by the warm heart of sharing unity and love.


A miracle happens every moment, each time a good thought is sentBlessings on all, let all be ONEI hope one day we will respect all life on our planet! MALTE VIERGUTE from Germany

“Be the change you want to see for the world”. M.Gandhi NICOLE SIPPEL from Germany

Human are writing. Human are reading. No more ignorance. STEVEN ROGER & ANDREAS DEMORELLE from Germany

I wish one day no living being will be oppressed any more. NINA STEINBERG from Germany

I wish that all people can choose their own governance without fear of retribution. JOHN MORRIS

I pray for all nations to live in peace and for an end to poverty and corruption. SUE MORRIS

I pray for every person to find peace within themselves. TONY RICHARDSONPeace, justice and education for all. FRANCIS VERITYI wish the world could be a happy place for everyone and I wish that everyone is happy where they are. MAIA HOOPER age 7 from KenyaGADAEL I FOD HEDDWCH AR DRAWS Y BYD (let there be peace throughout the world) Maggie Coles from WalesCorruption” – A word that many people in Africa can identify with but little is done to stop it. Children left unfed because the food Aid donated does not reach them. Where is the justice? Let world peace prevail!! Away with Corruption. CHIBESA NKONDE from ZambiaLove for all, hatred for none. – KHURRAM KHAN – PakistanRespecting each other is most important. Use your own thoughts and judgements following your heart’s way to make this a better place for all of us. Let love rule! MISCHA DETTUILER from SwitzerlandMay the inner and outer obstacles be pacified and inner bliss be obtained. Thus peace and harmony shall be among us, the community of the world. MIKE TASLIM from IndonesiaDream for peace. Peace made the world beautiful. We want peace for all the world. Keep peace always. SUTTICHAI SE UPPARA from ThailandI will give my most precious big green dragon to the poor children of the world. SAMSON BLOOM age 4 from IsraelPeace is not something you wish for. It’s something you make, Something you do, Something you are, And something you give away. MARINNA MASJUDI from SingaporeBe green to be healthy. WEI from Taiwan

Smile, be kind and considerate – a little warm gesture from everyone gives the world more hope.NYSSA MARSDEN, from Taiwan

I am going to go to school by scooter. ZOE FARTHING age 9

I am going to give more money to charity. ZOE FARTHING age 9

Love to everyone. VIX BENSON

Peace to the Earth. ISSY

The Earth is the best!! CHLOE age 6

I will help the world. HOLLIE

I will give a big kiss to the world. PIPPA age 5

Earth, you are beautiful. CHARLIE

Our beautiful world – Love it before you leave it. R.DEAN

I wish everyone could see how beautiful they really are. JESS CHAI age 19Que ce Message soit porteur de Paix et d’amour. Que les hommes se respectent les uns les autres Elevons nos spirits vers la connaissance plutot que dans le materialisme et l’egoisme. .. (This Message carries peace and love… That men respect each other, elevating our spirits in knowledge rather than in materialism and selfishness). SARAH from FranceA tous ceux qui liront ce Message. Merci de vous comporter en etres responsables. Paix a vous. Sauvegardez notre precieuse planete!( To all who read this Message… Thank you for being responsible. Peace to you. Save our precious planet!) LAURENCE from FrancePour moi, la paix passé par le partage de tout ce qui est vital pour l’homme: L’eau; La foret; L’education; La mise en commun des recherché sur la santé etc; Respect, partout, des droits de l’homme. Et le devoir de s’assurer que nourrisse, s’instruise. La paix, pour moi, est aussi source de creation… permettre a chacun de s’expremer par la lecture, l’art, la musique. (For me, peace is about sharing everything which is vital for man: Water; Forests; Education; The pooling of research on health etc; Respect, everywhere, of human rights; And the duty to ensure that every one has work, food, shelter and instruction. Peace, for me, is also the source of creation… permission for everyone to express themselves by:- speaking, art, music…) GENEVIEVE BERNOUX from FranceWishing all that is good in life for children. To give effort and love to human beings and not get anything in return is so so noble. PHILOMENA WARMINGTON from FranceOur love to all the oceans and forests everywhere. L.ENGLAND and familyI pray people will see in each other what they have in common, not what is different. MONICA SPYSZNYK from IndiaToham Kun Rah! PETER ROBINSON“Life isn’t about the number of times you’re knocked down, it’s about the number of times you get back up” Michael Flatley from Ireland. SHEILA ROBERTSIf you believe it, you can do itLove to all the children (and chocolate!) on the Earth. CAZ CLAIREI promise not to step on flowers. JOSH age 10I pray for a world where people can grow up with prospects not problems. PHILAll children of the world believe in love and peace. Let’s pray that adults learn from them!! NIKKI JAMESLove and peace to one and all. Not war. JULIE BRIMSCOMBEChildren first . Always. KARIM MARSHALLAlways protect the precious Earth. M.DULYThere’s only one chance with this Earth. Let’s look after it. SUSAN AINTYWe only have one world. Let’s look after it. ROBERT FOXEverything we will do will be to make this world a more peaceful and better place. TIM & ELLISE MORRISI will recycle and plant some seeds in my garden. KARAN SIKAND from IndiaI promise I will stick with what I plan in the future and to study hard. SAMM PIEREI will recycle and plant some seeds. ROXY age 7Please help our leaders find the will to agree our peace. DAVID BENSON from NigeriaLet us look after our beautiful planet. NEIL DOBNERLove each other! CHARLOTTE BIGGINS from DenmarkFab effort. Have lots of fun. PAM GUMBLETTAI hope and pray for that day when every human being on this planet, regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender, comes to respect one common ground – peace. We have enough bloodshed over religion, borders and other stupid reasons. Respect all beings. No more loss of precious lives. PEMA KONGPO from TibetI wish for every human being to respect each other to bring peace in the world. KALSANG from TibetI love meeting people with big kind hearts. They always inspire me to live a more fulfilled life. I hope I’ll be always so lucky to have them in my life. SANGMO from TibetBe beautiful! KHANDRO age 2 from TibetJust try to get along with one another. SONAM DUGDAK from TibetI hope everyone finds love and happiness in life and be able to share it. Life is nothing but memories so live well. TASHI GONKATSANG from TibetMy heart bleeds for Tibet. May the people of the world convey the Message of Peace and Compassion to the leadership of the Chinese People’s Republic. SONAM CHOEPHEL from TibetI wish for nothing else but peace, love and understanding. No hatred in the name of race, religion or culture. May all living beings be free from suffering. KUNSANG LHAMO from TibetAt this instant, may all living things feel all others in themselves, and treat them accordingly, so that all may have peace, health and love. MATT from U.S.A.Let us treat each other like brothers and sisters… We are all part of the family of humanity. KUNCHEN from TibetMay all human beings live in peace and harmony, sharing and caring. ERYS from IndonesiaFor the good of all humanity we must all learn to live together and treat each other as equals. Love unconditionally and never stop trying. PEMPA from TibetAmor ao planeta e tudo que ele catey so assim e gue o mundo pode girar pada senpre (Love the planet and all living creatures so that it can continue to turn forever). ANDRE from PortugalThe highest points on Earth shine lights on our human kind, to search them all out and reach them and bless them – for all of us, a service of hope to the world – It’s a great big jigsaw – The last piece … we hope will bring more peace… “Peace is tough” JOE KOMODOWorld Peace . TSULTRIM GYATSO from TibetMay the human beings live peace and harmony. JAMPA from TIBETPeace, Love, Harmony! Is it so difficult? Look at yourself and reflect your emotions in your actions compassionately. DICKEY DAKPA from TibetTo free Tibet would be compassionate – the key for world peace. CHIME from TibetPaix et comprehension universelle – Que le monde soit beau et joyeus. (Peace and universal understanding – that the world is beautiful and joyous) CATHY from FranceEveryone of the world – We are one family. NORIKO from JapanWe are in a new era of the world and we have to change our thinking. All religions are expressing the same thing – Love. YUMI from JapanCultivez votre paix intereure pour la paix dans le monde! (Cultivate your inner peace for the peace of the world!) MORGANE & ZOPA from FranceWe want to send this Message all over the world for Peace and Compassion! “ I don’t ask your name , nor race, nor religion; but tell me your suffering.” CLAUDINE from FranceThe world is the place for everybody to live in peace. Everyone has the same right for the best opportunities. FABIEN from SwitzerlandLive and let live, And this worlds and all in it will be a lot happier. DHARMA from IndiaLet us save our planet!!! JIN PARK from KoreaHere is one from Wales:

Inspired by HH Dalai Lama – “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves”. So what are we waiting for – peace will not come to us, we need to make peace with ourselves and others. SHARON GIBSON from Wales

May the religions of the world work together to bring peace everywhere. CYRIL TRUSTTolerate and forgive and be happy! N.THOMPSONA candle is not extinguished by darkness. KATHRYN WALPOLEMay blessings and healing go out to the whole world. SYLVIA SALTStand close to each other and remember we are all equal in God’s sight. JEAN WILLIAMSI will try to stop the plastic bags polluting the turtles and the oceans. NATASHA COCKSEDGE age 9I will make an effort to stop polluting to make the world a better place. DOUGIE BENSONI promise to always be kind and helpful to everyone. CAROLINE DEANI’ll try to donate quite a bit of money to the orphanages. NATASHA COCKSEDGE age 9Peace to everyone on Earth. JUSTIN O’FEGANTreat your fellow man the way you would wish to be treated yourself. TREVOR BURTONPlease stop all the wars. Make this planet to Love. DALE MORONEYOne act of peace and kindness can send ripples out forever. ANGELA BAWERSHALLI wish that all the animals are not harmed. MRS TAYLORBe nice and respectful to all living things. WILLIAM BATTERBY age 11I will help to look after endangered animals. MADDY NUGENTI give the earth a big hug. BETHANY NUGENTPlease may you help animals survive. JOEL NUGENTLet us protect our world for our children. KIM BEACH from VietnamSpare a thought every day for our Earth. PAYNECool. Well done! I love the Earth ALISHA age 10Please let our children learn to respect and look after the Earth for all generations to come. Let us all take time to consider how we can manage our lives to look after everything around us. BARBARA DAVIESLet’s look after this one – it’s the only Earth we’ve got. SARAH DORTONThank you for Earth, food and clean water. Thank you!!!! MAISY PAYNEA peaceful hello from an Irish colleen. AINE HALL from IrelandI promise to look for all the joy in my life. LIAMLet businesses be honest and truthful about all they do and be morally responsible for their actions, both in planned and non-planned activities. SIMON HILLBest wishes and peace to our brothers in Africa. EDI will not get hooked up on those little things in life that aren’t important and try to see the bigger picture. MARK“My peace I give unto you. Not as the world give I unto you” Jesus Christ. BRYN BONEMay my 2 children and my 3 grandchildren be instruments of peace and love to all they meet. JIM PUREFOYLove to all. TRAVERSBelieve that you can make a difference. ROSEMARY MAEEveryone should see the beauty of our world and care for it as best we can. ROSEMARYLove and Peace, Goodwill to all men. PETER DAVIESPeace and equality for all races and nations on Earth. ELIZABETHAs a group we would like to spread peace among other WIs and all nations and people. BOXGROVE WI LADIESIt’s a wonderful world – Let us all work towards making it a safe, peaceful and happy place, full of love. CHRISPeace to everyone no matter where they are in the world. SALLYAccept our world and love it. MARY“Within each of us lies the power of our consent to health and sickness, to riches and poverty, to freedom and to slavery. It is we who control these, and not another.” Richard Bach. We all belong to the same planet. We are a family of 6 billion. In fact, we, with animals, are a family of 30 million species. We, as a family, should be working together to achieve what we all want. BRYONY age 14Tapely Park Wish-fullfilling treeActions with pure intentions are more important. PAWOPlease save the hunted animals such as leopards. Please recycleI love Mummy. ELSIELove and peace to all. BARBARA& ROGER. KARA,MERLY & DARWINAnimals mean everything to me and I think we should protect them instead of helping them to become extinctI wish for lots of yummy biscuits. BANDIT (the dog)I love Daddy. ELSIEI really wish that my dear little dog’s lumps are just normal lumps and not nasty lumps! He will be fine. He will be fine. OCTOBERLove one another and the Earth. SHIRLEY KENDALLMay all beings find peace and happiness and may all the love generated fill each and everyone. Love abound. JACKYI wish that all countries stop fighting and all racism stops so we could all live happily together. SARAH age 13I am the creator of my own beauty. DEBBIE DESTE CROIXWe wish love to all the children in the world. AVA & LOUISLove to all the animals. ELSIE age 2I wish for hugs and chuckling all over the world.I wish for lots of flowers. MARLEY age 3My message of peace to the Earth is to invite people to look inside for another way, when the first way is blocked. HAZELTrees are really important to me because they give my oxygen that helps me to breath. JAMIE SQUIREPeace on earth and goodwill to all. HELEN< MARTYN< DAVE & SONJAI would like to save animals. EDITH age 8Dear Earth, Keep us all healthy and happy and I will do my best for you.I will turn my lights offI love fish. EDIEWe thrive… Happy times together… kindness, sharing, good fortunes, repairing loves, lives and homes for us allI pledge to be present in all that I do. YANNICKHelp us to heal our precious Earth. Please continue to send us the tools we need to learn to love our planet, ourselves and each other. KARA GREENTolerance for others. Make the most of the precious thingsI wish for world peace, compassion and harmony for all the peoples of the Earth.Please, if you carry some rubbish in… just take it home again! Thank youUnconditional positive regardBe still, embrace the colours and take a moment to understand,LoveI love Bess. ELSIEI ask the healing energies to go to the Earth, the Sky, North, South, East and West, and all beings within. Let there be peace and goodwill, tolerance and harmony, and hatred and grief banished. HEIDIMore trees, less paper. HARRYI wish people would enjoy hoverboards. WILF EDWARDS age 12I wish there were underground homes to make it easier for people. NATHAN RICHARDS age 11I am inspiration in action. SUE DENTI wish for everyone to have the chance in their life to follow their hearts. CORINA CATTAMULLIn my life I will help to stop people cutting down trees. GAIA age 10Dear Earth, Thank you for all the growing! Please be kind to my vegetables this yearI wish my children a long and happy life. DADI wish that all the natural disasters would stop. and people could help in return for the other people’s helpLove. MALCOLMJake, remember that life goes on albeit in a different way. You are still you. Your strengths stronger and your determination unbounded. Go forward with our love. My thoughts are always with you. BOBMy wish is for everybody in the world to be as happy as I am. PAULA look and a wink, we love you all. We think we see you on our dreams. RYAN & KEITHLots of biscuits please for Tyson cat.“Think Peace and have it in your hearts, for it is written ‘As a man thinketh, so is he’” A.W.Cooper. KENNETHTo create something you need to put out the energy first… and act as though it’s already taking place.You are weaving threads of gold into the tapestry of life. AARON HAYNES from BarbadosNow is the day for the dream of lasting peace, world citizenship and rule of international morality. ELIZABETH HAILEMARIAN from EthiopiaLets work together and become one big unit in which we add to each other and celebrate our differences, enjoying the richness of each other’s culture. ERI OP DE BEECK from BelgiumWe Hope things get solved in all Middle-Eastern countries, especially Syria and Lebanon, as with a more peaceful atmosphere we could all enjoy living our lives happily and building a better future for ourselves and our families. SIRANE from LebanonSo many things in the Universe seem like they’re against us, why add fighting? Live every day like it’s your last cause one day you’re gonna be right. TOSCANA GARFUNKLE age 15 from ArgentinaWe write for peace on earth. If we can do it so can you! PATRICK STEWART from Northern IrelandPlease pray for President Vaclav Havel who has supported the Dalai Lama’s way of peace for many years. RICHARD from Czech RepublicMay the whole world live in peace and harmony and prosperity to all. SIKH-PANJABI From India

Conquer poverty with knowledge and education. GREGORY MADDOCKS

Being of African origin and having lived and travelled across the world, l have experienced a lot of different cultures,priviledges of some nations and the total opposite in other nations. I have also learnt about some of the reasons why there are inequalities. My peace message today will be directed to leaders of the richest countries in the world. Why? Because they are the only people who can enforce change on our planet. I will urge these leaders to promote fair trade, encourage education and to refrain from doing business with corrupt governments just to protect their national interest. I strongly believe if these measures are taken the world will be a better place to live in. I will also encourage nations to educate its citizens against racism. We are all human after all. God bless the world. KOFI ALEXANDER from GhanaTaking away greed would bring peace. PETER MEHTAB (Sikh)Mother nature has got everything we’re looking for – love, stability, health, happiness… Get connected with her and we will be content and at peace. ELISKA from SlovakiaTreat everyone like your family. RICKBring peace to everyone, everywhere! PERI“The suffering of Cambodia has been deep. From this suffering comes great compassion. Great Compassion makes a peaceful heart. A peaceful heart makes a peaceful person. A peaceful person makes a peaceful family. A peaceful family makes a peaceful community. A peaceful community makes a peaceful nation. A peaceful nation makes a peaceful world. May all beings live in happiness and peace.”Venerable Maha Ghosananda. BOB MAAT, coalition for peace and reconciliation, from CambodiaFrom the East, House of Light, may wisdom dawn in us so we may see all things in clarity. From the North, House of Night, may wisdom ripen in us so we may know all from within. From the West, House of Transformation, may wisdom be transformed into right action, so we may do what must be done. From the South, House of the Eternal Sun, may right action reap the harvest so we may enjoy the fruits of planetary being. From Above, House of Heaven, may star people and ancestors be with us now. From Below, House of Earth, may the heartbeat of her crystal core bless us with harmonies to end all war. From the Centre, Galactic Source, which is everywhere at once, may everything be known as the light of mutual love. Oh Yum Hunab Ku, Evam Maya E Ma Ho! Oh mother source –the harmony of mind and nature. PHILIP ANDREWS from GreeceMay everyone know the warmth of a true love. DEBBIE BURYNGrow trees… Save the Earth. SUMIT from IndiaNo wars. MARMAHTaking us all closer to peace in our world. ANNE CHANTBe nice to others and get nice back. GEORGINA HALESLove and peace to all. TREVA smile is never wasted. Love to all. SUSIEI wish people walked to save energy. DOMINICEnjoy every sunrise. Let the sun shine on your day and in your life. JULIANAI will not have the taps running whilst cleaning my teeth because it will save water. LEAHPeace, Protection to Mother Earth. GRACE GROTTICKMay light illuminate all beings. ELIZABETH MEDLERPeace to all the world. Y.PAGINMay peace ,love and light spread throughout the Earth. JUDITH BISHOPAll shall be well. MARGARET COLES from WalesJoy and Love be with all the world.Peace , Hope and Joy to the world. DAN GROTTICKGod help us to bring world peace. GRETA PUTTICKMake tea not war. TONY JOHNSONI wish for no war and for everyone to live in peace and harmony. DAN PONTINGPeace, Peace, Peace! M.OBELSCHMEIDER from USAAlways ask ‘Is the juice worth the squeeze?’ SIM COTTONPeace be with us all. SUZY from USAReduce our oil use!! Renewable energy rules! GILESPlease look after our world and environment. ELOISE age 9Be kind to everyone and everything (always try!) ALEX ADBURYUnited… we, the human race, stand. Divided… we fall. SHWETA PANDEYI wish that BP would sort out and take full responsibility for the oil spillage!! DEBSI wish for peace in Africa and all over the world. EMILY from AfricaI hope you sleep soundly tonight without any worries. CELIAPlease be safe and enjoy every experience. STANOne world in love and peace. BARBARA DE FOSTERBe kindI will help people to own their discordant emotions and heal them, especially anger. NAOMI ELIAMay all the people of the world see clearly. CAROLINE HARPERMay all the children in all the countries across the world be fed and loved. LIN PATTERSONMay all the world feel love and peace. NORMA BORBELLI will help the creation of unconditional love throughout the world and beyond. KATIE YOUNGCircles turning circles… what goes around comes around. ALEX PRAINSmile and the whole world smiles with you. NIKKI HINTONI will go ride a bike! OLLIE KEELERI will see the good in all that I can, even and especially the small things. JASMINE LUCAS from WalesLife is important. MIKE SMITHA life is for living, I will do nothing but! DAN STEPHENSI will smile more. CHRIS BEDFORDI will make other people smile everyday, no matter what it takes, and definitely at the expense of myself. I know I’m happy in myself, therefore making other people smile by knocking myself will never do me any harm. TOM GYPSY MUMBYMay all disagreements be resolved. May all the world be united. BEN LITTLEYBeliefs are merciful, kind and loving to each other. If one part of the body is ill, the whole body shares the pain.May Allah inspire you to live your life under the shade of the mercy of Allah, praised and eternal be He. And may Allah make you instruments of His mercy

This month, I celebrate my own independence. I choose to be free of all negativity, anger, fear, insecurities, jealousies–and any thought that makes me feel “less than.” I no longer choose to live in the prison of my mind. I choose thoughts of love, joy, prosperity, and unlimited creativity and opportunities. MARINNA MASJUDI from SingaporeWhen we are united, we have much more force. We can exchange ideas and reach a much better consensus than we would on our own. AIGUERA ZAGRE from Burkina FasoFor years now we have been witnessing the destruction of our “Mother Earth” by advancing desertification. Some NGOs have offered to dig wells, others have decided to bring food, TREE AID has chosen to help us grow “the tree of life”. SAIDOU KOMONDI , 53 years old, from Burkina FasoI would say that raising seedling is one of the best professions. This is the type of activity that benefits you even after death because people will still think about you and bless you for what you have done. OUMAR LOUGUE , 50 years old, from MaliTrees are important to me because they are in the heart of my life. They provide us with food, energy through firewood, medicine, shade and daily tools. BAKARY DEOGA , 55 years old, from Mali .I wish and pray for peace for all the world, and that one day we will all be united.” ABEER from Saudi ArabiaLets all reduce reuse & recycle. JOSHUA CHAI, age 8 from Singapore

Save the Earth. Appreciate nature. Value our trees. Embrace planet Earth. JOSEPH CHAI, age 12 from Singapore

On behalf of the people of Kiribati I would like to say Greetings and peace to you all. The people of Kiribati are one of the world’s most peace loving island nations on this planet of ours but their total existence is on the brink of disappearing due to increases in world pollution which is causing the ice caps to melt, the sea level to increase and the islands to become flooded and disappearing beneath the crests of the mighty Pacific Ocean. Please help to stop the pollution and help to preserve and protect these beautiful pristine islands and its peace loving people. “Te Mauri, Te Raoi Au Te Tabamaua” (We wish you all Peace, Happiness and Prosperity). GARY DOVYDAITIS from Kiribati“Erini Emin!” (peace be with you!) NATASHA & JO from CyprusWe send a message to the honey bees of the world. On behalf of humanity we are sorry for our stupidity in not caring for you. Please stay in the world. We love you. CANDY COX“To Hum Kum Rah. The sound of the heart. Symbol of Unity and eternal God in all of us, in everything, one without second” Oscar Ischazo, Arican school of wisdom. CANDY COXKeep the faith. GEORGE BURROWSI think that people need a constant reminder that peace is achievable in the little ways as well as in the big issues. CHRISTINE HASSAN from BahrainI have a dream that one day my country can be a peaceful one . Could you help me in that goal? SYLDIE BIZIMANA from BurundiI will say a little prayer for peace. LOUIE OLIVA from East TimorThere will be lights of peace in Estonia on 21 September. MYRA & STEVE FORD from EstoniaWe need every effort for peace. God Bless. MASSABA from NigerPeople should want peace. MISHEL ALANSARI from QatarI pray for PEACE IN OUR TIME. I will use two old ancient Hebrew mantra’s URIM THUMMIM (all the Light and Powers will move away from war and confrontation towards Peace) and B’NAIOR AIN SOPH. (A prayer for the neutralization of all arms of destruction to be turned towards Peace and Understanding). GEORGE MILLEROn the 21st so we are going to have a little moment of silence for peace. PESETA FRED SCHMIDT from SamoaPeace is a good cause. MAYLENE ECCLESTON from Solomon IslandsLove and peace. THEO GROOT from UgandaLight up the world with the World Peace Flame. HAZEL YULE from United Arab EmiratesI wish you peace. SIDI OMAR from Western SaharaIt doesn’t matter which religion you believe in. Everybody believes in something else. It doesn’t matter whether you are Christian, Moslem, Jew, Buddhist or someone other, we should all respect each other, because a human being is a human being it doesn’t matter which faith he or she has. MAHMOUD ASLAN from SyriaMay the world find peace in every corner of every continent. GEORGE PANAGIOTOU from Cyprus

Mir U Svijetu (Let there be Peace in the World) SIME BUBICIC from CroatiaFridden A Freed Fir Jiddereen (Peace and joy to everybody). DORY DUNKEL from LuxembourgMir Vsemvsem Ljudem Na Zemlji! (Peace to all people on Earth!) MATEJA from SloveniaMuch love to all peoples of the world. From Antigua Tourist Authority from Antigua and BarbudaPeace and Health to the world! ZEPYUR from ArmeniaHello! Good Morning to Everyone! Peace to All!! CYRIAQUE from Benin“Use your liberty to promote those without “ Aung San Suu Kyi. THEINGI SAN from BurmaDefendamos los Derechos de la Madre Tierra! (Defend Mother Earth’s Rights!). GABRIELA from BoliviaWe wish the entire world to be an abode of peace. From the Brunei peopleThe Rock of Gibraltar, one of the Pillars of Hercules, sends a message of love and peace to all its neighbours and citizens of the World. Let us unite as one family in creating a haven of peace for all our children around the world. ASTRA from GibraltarPeace is only one smile away JILKA from the Netherlands

All we need is Love. Love can overcome all boundaries. LIVE, LAUGH , LOVE. Peace. ROBERT SUNA from CameroonHonouring our history, celebrating our culture, uniting for peace. THE BELIZE PEOPLE who celebrate their 30 yr anniversary of independence on UN Peace Day this 21st Sept.Love and Peace – the way forward. VAIDA SCEPANOVIENE from LithuaniaLooking forward for a peaceful and better future between Israel and Palestine. Living together in harmony would be a dream come true. We have one life, we need to make the best of it. Together. SHARON PEYSER from IsraelRéconciliation et Paix (Reconciliation and Peace) KANON from Cote D’Ivoire (heartfelt following crisis)Unité, Egalité et Paix (Unity, Equality and Peace) DAVID DALIER from DjiboutiPeace to all people of the world. BEATRICE ALFARO from El SalvadorPilgrims accept what they find. IAN BRODRICKEverything is possible. Say out loud ‘Shalom!’ to the world. URI GELLER from IsraelI wish you plenty of good health, happiness and peace of mind. Be positive, optimistic and believe in yourself. URI GELLER‘Na totoka ni noda vei yatuyanuyanu me na vakavotukanataki ena totoka ni noda Vuravura’ (May the beauty of our islands be reflected in the beauty of our Earth.) WAINIU from Fiji“Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in recognition” (Alexander Smith).Love in its many forms, from simple friendship to deep connection is often started with the most unlikely bond, a common thread no matter how small. Maybe as humans we all need to try a little harder to search for that common bond of kindness and understanding for there to be greater peace on this earth. SAMANTHA AMAI from Abu Dhabi

“They shall beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.” Isaiah 2 . REV’D DR RICHARD HINES from the Falkland IslandsBe a friend for the others, but do not forget to be your own friend. LIVIU TOMA from Romania

May the breeze of love flow through the trees and across the ocean to envelop the world and create peace and goodwill among all. DEE ENDRICH from MaltaAlways look forward, never look back. AMANDA & DAVIDWhen problems of a human kind, Sit heavily on the lower mind, When it is hard to see your way, And indecision clouds your day, Be still, and let the turmoil cease, With breath and focus, be at peace, Escape from all material thought, Rise in the light, where Christ is sought. And in your mind a vision make, The sunlit waters of a lake, The lake of peace, so calm and still, Tranquillity your spirit to fill. Beside the quiet lake you sit, Where by the Sun your being is lit, There is no hurry, no feeling tense, No hurry in the spiritual sense, And use the tools that conquer strife, Those spiritual principles in life, The principles will work for you, And inner peace will then ensue. Now still in spirit, peace you can send, Peace to the World, conflict to end, Peace to all peoples, love unfurled, Peace in all lives, a happy world. ROGER PARSONSMay we all be guided by beauty, love and inspiration. RIMA ALCADI from Lebanon

Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day HEDWIGE CROQUETTE from FranceOur deminers have the {World Peace Flame} candle as a token of our peaceful work in cleaning the land of anti-personnel mines and other lethal devices, and we want to embrace the candle and send this message of peace to the world. SIDI OMAR on behalf of all the indigenous peoples of Western SaharaThe Greenland air is clean, cold and crisp to breath, colours are extremely vivid, our guests who visit are completely inspired and this simply restores your faith in this world because you see the world for what it should be…… a peaceful place. GRAHAMWhen my feet walk to the rhythm of the earth, When my breath touched the smile of the wind, When my ears hear the song of the sun, My heart knows it is home in the peace of our souls. JORIS.

If we can bring peace into our heart it will then flow outwards across the whole universe. JEAN.

I bring light, joy and love into the world. SHALENDRA

We are one. GILEN

I wish for every living creature to experience a moment of inner peace of the heart every day and the joy of being conscious about it. SABRINA

Find your way in life. Be happy. Enjoy. LIESBETH

I wish for all people in the world to find true peace and happiness and above all to have good health. CHARLOTTE.

May you find peace, love, strength and happiness. JESSICA

My voice counts in the call to peace. What I do matters. May I never underestimate the value of small actions that come from my heart. ALISON

May you find light in your darkness. RIMA

For inner peace to grace your life. BRIAN

My prayer is that we all find out what is the best, highest and most beautiful quality we have so we can use it to make a difference to the world. GAYATRI

May the peace of the mountains be in your heart again. May your light shine. THERESA

I wish for the power of love and peace to unite all beings and nations on this planet to come together in harmony and celebration, to create joy not only on earth but on all worlds in existence.

I wish the world peace, light and happiness in lives all around the world. WAYNE

May you live always in peace, bringing peace to others around you, and knowing peace for ever and ever. HELEN

To treat strangers like they are part of your family. To protect and defend those who can not defend themselves. To love our planet and all who is in it, no matter what color, race, religion or age . ELIAS, GAENOR & FAMILY from IcelandPeace to the world and long life to all. ALEX BERNAL from ColumbiaFor many years Azerbaijan is under aggression. Mothers of war martyrs, war widows and orphans sat with the World Peace Flame, focusing on our own inner peace and on world peace. We honoured by a minute of silence victims of armed conflicts in our country and all over the world. A new peace network is founded. DR ELMIRA SULEYMANOVA from AzerbaijanI will keep the {World Peace Flame} candle with me and light from it as many candles as possible with love. SIMONA from AndorraI am grateful for the {World Peace Flame } candle. This does me credit to light it because I know that people in the whole world will do the same. AEHA from Belarus:May we be united in a single flame of hope. May peace prevail on earth. – CHIME WANGDI from BhutanLove and light from Bosnia. Wishing peace, love, health and prosperity for all countries and their peoples. ANINA PEROUIC, TON, MARLIES AND KEVIN from BosniaA {peace} pebble has been witness to our meeting with enthusiastic and dedicated people who amidst all trouble and tensions try to work for a better world for themselves, their families and their communities. ANAM CARA from CongoGreetings from the Korean National Peace Committee! I hope that we can contact and co-operate each other for the world peace and justice. Yours in peace, MR. YU KYONG IL from North KoreaWe must work to get peace – if we all try we will succeed. DEE PARKER from ChileNous envoyons nos meilleurs sentiments de paix, de non-violence et de salut pour l’humanite entire (we send our best wishes for peace and non-violence, and greetings for the whole of humanity) SITA DUBOIS from CongoKeep up the good work. Wishing you every success. Janet Nicholls from the Cook IslandsMay peace prevail in the world. Salama na Baraka upon you. (Peace and good luck upon you). AKBAR ALI SALEH from the Comoros IslandsWe had a war between Ecuador and Peru but now we are in peace. I wish to continue this way for ever and ever. Stop killing other humans! No more! ALEX P ALVARADO from EcuadorWishing you success in your project. JAN VAN MAANEN from Guinea-BissauThe World Peace Flame shines from an island in the middle of Lake Titicaca – the worlds highest lake, and honours Pacha Mama. KIM DAVIS from PeruPlease give particular thought to the world’s oppressed people who are in need of true and real peace. Also give special thought to those people who are suffering from man-made disaster and oppression in the name of international and national institutions… People of Cuba, Sudan and Iraq are suffering from human imposed sanctions and the target is the people. Such people need to have true and real peace of mind so they can enjoy proper development. People in the Third World Nations are in quest for real and true peace. N. BOSSOONDYAL from IraqI stopped the truck a few hundred yards past a mass grave and we lit a World Peace Flame candle and sat quietly for a while. FRANK from KosovoWe lit the {World Peace Flame}candle and my family members were interested. I explained to them the meaning of lighting the candle for Peace. One of my neighbours admired this and did the same at his house… . THOMAS CHIRAMBO from MalawiGunam has been doing yoga since the age of 9 taught by his grandfather who lived until 96!! His dream is to teach yoga to children but at present he works to support his mother and sisters as a cook in the holiday resort. He never misses his yoga and meditation and it would be lovely to see his dream materialize. VERA from the MaldivesI will light a Peace flame in Mauritania. I will do all my efforts. MOURAD ELKADDIRI from MauritaniaWe must ensure that our presence on this earth is beneficial to others. Remember, while living, that we are all guests on this earth – we came with nothing and will leave with nothing. Therefore let us live life to its fullest in full respect, peace and harmony with all living beings and let us expand our vision of unity beyond our four walls. ROSANNA from ItalySave the earth, save our future!!! JORDAN CHAI (age 9) from SingaporeREUNION: Merci pour m’avoir fait participer, moi et mes amis de l’Ile de la Reunion pour la flame eternelle de paix dans le monde (Thank you for letting us participate, my friends and I from the Island of Reunion with the World Peace Flame). AMITIES DE MONIQUEI give you the small light to participate pour la celebration de la journee international de la paix (to celebrate the international journey of peace.) BAKAR NDAO from SenegalMay we take this opportunity to wish you success in your endeavours to make a difference in this world. BISHOP BARONNET from SeychellesThe World Peace Flame will be lit in Khartoum, Sudan. MARTIN STAUNTON from SudanSURINAME: I wish you a lot of success with the project. with love and light. MARLIESDans les situations difficiles que vous vivez, les rayons de lumiere ne manquent pas – le Seigneur ne vous a pas abandonnes. La bougie a brule devant la Sainte Vierge, en priant pour la paix. (in difficult life situations there are rays of light. The Lord does not abandon you. The candle burns with the Blessed Virgin, praying for peace) ARCHBISHOP PHILIPPE FANOKO KPODZRO. From TogoAll that glitters IS gold. GUY MARTIN from VenezuelaBest wishes from the island of Efate in the archipelago of Vanuatu,. BISHOP MICHEL VISI from Vanuatu

Thank you to all who have sent these 

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