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The Race

Tess Burrows
Oct 6, 2016

More than 1500 Peace Messages were carried to the ‘Top Of The World’ by Tess Burrows and Pete Hammond of ‘Climb For Tibet’ to help the harmony of the Earth. They were burnt into the Arctic sea ice in the way of the Tibetan tradition of expressing prayers from the highest places to bring down blessings of peace and happiness to all beings. the ceremony took place on the Ist of May just north of the 1996 position of the Magnetic North Pole.

The messages had been written by supporters, many from children who included pledges of their individual actions to make a difference to the environment and to peace. The Climb For Tibet team was part of the 2006 Polar Challenge, and endurance race of 400 miles. Intense training had been carried out which included tyre pulling over many miles and GPS navigation in the U.K.; cross-country skiing pulling sledges and jumping into freezing water at minus 20c in Austria plus shot-gun practice and tent erection in blizzard conditions at Resolute Bay, northern Canada, 550 miles into the Arctic circle.It was from here that 42 competitors (in teams of threes and twos) set out north on skis pulling pulks laden with survival equipment and food, battling harsh head winds and temperatures down to minus 42c.

The initial 65 miles was a gruelling test taking 5 days to the 1965 position of the Magnectic North Pole. Here circumstances moved Tess and Pete off in an entirely unexpected direction (the universe never wastes energy) They found themselves privileged to be pitching their tent amongst the Inuit community for the next two weeks, absorbing much from the ancient culture. Particularly special were the days speaking out all of the Peace Messages at Qarmartalik School, joined by the Inuit children, who shared their profound heart thoughts.26 people managed to complete the race on skis, many had placed individual rose-quartz pebbles at the 1996 Magnectic North Pole dedicating their own heart messages. Huge congratulations for their amazing achievements…all raising money for charity…doing it for others. At this most northerly point Tess and Pete carried out the Peace Ceremony…

” We watched the flames of the torched Messages lick the Tibetan flag flying from our ice stupa as the ashes fell through the snow to be absorbed by the soon-to-be melting ocean. A fierce and stunning light blazed all around and ice crystals looking like diamonds glistened and danced in the completely still air. It was a scene of shining magic.The Peace Message energy was projected out across the globe, aided by a beautiful rose quartz master cystal which we placed on the top of the stupa surrounded by the Tibetan prayer flags. It was programmed to the frequency of the crystals which ‘Climb For Tibet’ had previously positioned on other special high places, (the point furthest from the centre of the Earth, the place nearest the sun at the turn of the Millennium, the tallest mountain, sacred mountains in Tibet…) adding to the network of light.We left a small amulet, a treasured gift from an Inuit lady, to respect polar bear spirit. This was his domain. 

"Also we felt it was important to honour the Inuit, so we climbed the nearby Isachsen peak and built an Inuksuk. This is the sacred figure constructed from rocks long used as a guiding marker for vital purposes such as safe journeys and good hunting grounds. We made sure the stone arm pointed to precisely the ceremonial Peace Message site in the sea ice. As the 24-hour sun, now low in the sky, cast a light of most exceptional clarity, it seemed at an inner level that the guiding arm became a symbol of the interconnectedness of all peoples and the basic principal of sharing…

"The now fragile Inuit way of life, similar to that of old Tibet, has much to offer the world in terms of living in a state of balance with both the natural systems and with all beings. Their experience in a harsh environment is a silent gift for the modern times when global warming, fighting and greed, pollution and stress threaten the underlying safety of the Earth and our very existence.The Arctic ice is retreating fast. Its rate of melt has doubled in the last 5 years. The ancient Inuit culture along with the polar bear may very well be the next to disappear from our planet for ever. And what next?…We’re all in this race for survival…

"‘Climb For Tibet’ is still welcoming sponsorship donations 100% of which goes towards our two schools projects in eastern Tibet, the Born Free Polar Bear Rescue Project, the Qarmartalik school in Resolute to help promote Inuit culture and the Free Tibet campaign.Peace Messages are also still being collected. Also do join in with your thoughts to the world wide meditation for Earth Peace which takes place at 6p.m. on the 6th day of every month for 6 minutes. Thank you to Polar Challenge, the Inuit community, Martin Muncaster and Mannatech for great nutritional supplements…and all who have given Peace Messages, funds and heart energy."

For the human race...

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