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Tibet Peace Pilgrimage

Tess Burrows
Oct 6, 2016

We are ensconced here in Dharamsala, in northern India, amongst monks, monkeys and mists at the end of a wonderfully successful journey through Tibet and are soon to return home (28th July). We are thrilled to have just had an audience with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, who spoke words of thanks to the “Climb For Tibet Team”. This includes all the many people who by their peace messages and support, brought light to Tibet contributing towards the harmony of Tibet and our Earth.

The first peace focus was on the sacred and holiest mountain, Kailash in western Tibet. From the shelter of a tiny reconstructed monastery, the “2001″ messages were spoken with the blessing of the resident Lama. Nearby, on the highest point of our kora, the top of the pass, a stupa was built containing a disc of the 2700 peace messages, a “Uri Geller World Peace Spoon” and soil from the London Tibetan Peace Garden.

The second peace focus was from Mt.Shishapangma, the highest mountain solely in Tibet. The magnificent rock stupa now stands here sending our messages out onto the gale force winds which blow across the high Tibetan plateau.

The third focus was on His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s birthday, 6th.July, at 6p.m., at nearly 6000 metres up on the slopes of Everest. The unique and lovely stupa was created holding mantras, peace message disc, a “Uri Geller World Peace Spoon”, peace garden soil and a World Peace Flame candle. Colourful prayer flags were secured to the stupa to spread forever messages of peace. We dared to shout, “FREE TIBET and LONG LIVE THE DALAI LAMA”, at the tops of our voices, which echoed and reverberated around the Tibetan Himalayan summits. From nearby sheer glacial slopes stones rolled……..

Our pilgrimage has been one of learning and observation of how things are in Tibet today. There has been sadness and frustration but also contentment and great joy, expressed through the intense beauty and freedom of the land which cannot be taken away. The warmth of the Tibetan people has touched our hearts and we return with renewed vigour to help them. There are so many needs in all directions. We have visited some of the recipients of the “Climb For Tibet” funds, two schools up and running, with happy little children receiving education, one more under construction and here in Dharamsala the Refugee Transit school where 18-30 yr. old’s can find shelter and education which they yearn for. We were also inspired by our visit to a large vocational school within Tibet, nearing completion, which desperately needs additional funding. This will cater for the needs of teenagers by providing them with husbandry, farming, textile and mechanical skills.

We’re the lucky one’s. We can come and go across borders as we please, but feel a sense of the responsibility of freedom……

Somebody should tell this to the monkey who helped himself to our breakfast!!

Love and blessings to all.

Pete, Tess and G.T.

Long Live the Dalai Lama!

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